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Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park Review

Pleasurewood Hills in Suffolk celebrates it's 30th year in action this year. I remember my Mum taking us the year it opened, I was twelve and we were on holiday just down the road at a Kessingland holiday camp. It was a fab holiday and my memories of Pleasurewood Hills are brilliant, so I was very keen to see how much the park has changed.

We visited with three teenage kids and two who are in their early twenties. The first thing they headed for as we passed through the gates was 'Wipeout', a huge blue, very scary looking rollercoaster. They all jumped on board, one by one without a care in the World and took their seats. Of course I needed to stay grounded for photography reasons. My toes curled as I watched the kids being cranked up to the top. At one point I even had to hide my face behind Papa Syders back, too afraid to watch. The kids give this ride a 10/10 for fear and fun.

Next we headed for a new ride called Hobs Pit, which cost over half a million pounds, has been developed by Pleasurewood Hills in conjunction with world renowned special effects expert Rob Ostir and voice actor Corey Burton. The pair, who usually work with theme parks in the USA such as Disney World and Universal Studios have been involved with movie blockbusters like 2012, Mars Attacks! and the Chronicles of Narnia, as well as most of Disney’s feature animations over the past two decades. 

I felt spooked as soon as we stood in the queue, as a ghostly, zombie looking figure was ushering people inside.  I'm not going to give the game away but I will tell you that the ride is very creepy and it freaked us all out.

Alexis Camelin, General Manager of Pleasurewood Hills said: “This ride is unique to the UK, it’s the first ‘dark ride’ to combine a ‘walk through’ and ‘seated’ scare experience with lots to scream about along the journey through an old mine shaft”.  He added: “The big question is, will you escape Hobs Pit”?

There is plenty for kids of all ages, from toddlers to pensioners. We were really impressed how clean and well kept the park is and we liked the relaxed atmosphere (Papa Syder reminded me to point that out, and how friendly & helpful the staff are). There are plenty of places to eat, loo's and baby changing. Lots of open green spaces, with very nice areas to sit and enjoy a picnic. It was raining on and off all day during our visit which meant the park was quiet. This pleased us because it meant small queues, yay!

The Rides...

FireBall – spinning pendulum ride that pulls 5-G.
Enigma nestled down in a crater, an adrenaline-pumping roller coaster.
Tide-Traveller – blast off into the sky spinning 360 degrees up, down and inside-out.
Wave Breaker – climb in and launch yourself over a huge drop and prepare for a very wet landing!
Snake in the grassfamily roller coaster twists and turns roaring through the mountain and treetops.
Tales of the Coast mysterious old-fashioned adventure story ride through underground caverns to infamous myths and legends.
Le Mans – the fast and furious Go Karts.
Shiver M Timbers swinging, stomach churning high seas.

The Kiddie Zone now has eight rides dedicated to toddlers and younger children having fun.

New Rides...

Hobs Pit - one of the most scary rides in the UK – not for the faint hearted - coming soon.
Pleasurewood Paddlers - the return of the pedalos to Pleasurewood Lake. 
Woodies Tea Party - a traditional family tea cup ride.
Moby Dick – climb on board for mariners fun for the youngsters.

The Jolly Roger – a 40 metre drop tower, their highest exhilarating ride yet.
The Lighthouse – a thrilling kid’s shoot-up-tower propelling you above the tree tops.
Pleasurewood Pony Rail – a gentle family fun ride.
Laser Labyrinth – an adrenaline fuelled indoor laser game.
Illusionist Magic Show – performed by Britain’s Got Talent star, Sean Alexander in the Castle Theatre.

 Bottom Line - What do we think? We had a great day out and The Syders highly recommend this park. We like that you can buy tickets for groups (gang tickets) and that the park feels spread out with lots of greenery. We love how clean and well kept the park is, The friendly, happy  staff and colourful atmosphere. I am happy to report that Pleasurewood Hills is still as great as I remember 30 years ago and it is still my favourite UK theme park.

The park is open every Friday/ Saturday and Sunday throughout June and every day from July 1st. Tickets are reasonably priced at Adult - £18.00 and kids (11-) - £15. Gang tickets are available to buy online.

More Information available from -
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*We were provided with 6 tickets to Pleasurewood Hills free of charge for the purpose of this review. We received no financial reward and our opinions are totally honest and unbiased.


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