Saturday, 11 May 2013

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Really late with joining in with Michelle's #R2BC this week. It has been manic here at The Syder house and I've been snowed under with paint and Uni assignments.

1. We have been decorating my lounge. Lots of people loved it how it was but it was becoming very tired and grubby so we have had a complete makeover. I've gone for a more calming, tranquil design so its out with the shabby chic and in with a more modern approach. I'm loving it so far and have really enjoyed making new blinds and curtains.

2. I'm working on my last psychology assignment for this year and as much as I've enjoyed the course, it is nice to be having a break from study for a bit. 

3. My eldest Daughter and her boyfriend spent the week in Center Parcs (our favourite family holiday) and they had a great time, lovely weather and they brought me back some goodies...Yum!

How's your week been?


  1. So glad you have been having a good week, I wish I could make curtains. I probably just need to invest in a sewing machine and do it, I used to at school! All our curtains are the wrong size for our new house and it would be great to retain and use them.Mich x

  2. My week has been lovely thank you, and I can see yours has been very good too - love those blinds - you have such good taste! X.

  3. Wow you guys have been busy lately! I'm so envious of your craft skills I'm hopeless at stuff like that. The blinds and curtains look great, it looks like it's going to be quite the transformation. x

  4. oh you will have to do a post on your new lounge in full detail! love those blinds :)

  5. Those blinds look fabulous. I am always in awe of people who can sew, as I am absolutely useless. Looking forward to a full post about the new lounge.
    Good luck with the psychology assignment. xx

  6. Love the new lounge, very pretty. Cookies are always a reason to be cheerful.



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