Friday, 19 April 2013

Vanish Stain Remover Review

When my Boys were small I bought Vanish on a regular basis, and I would always put some in every wash, because in my experience boys tend to stain everything they wear. Not only are they messy eaters, as they shovel down their food in eager anticipation to get back outside with the football, but their knee's are constantly covered in grass stains too. So in my younger Mum days Vanish was a great stain removal and was one of my best Friends.

To tell you the truth I haven't actually bought any Vanish for quite a few years, so when I was asked to review some, I thought I'd like to see how it works nowadays, in a Family with kids who have out grown the grassy knee stage.

So, I decided to test it on one of my T-shirts that I have a small annoying stain right on the front.

I followed the instructions of mixing a little Vanish with some water, then put it on the stain. I will admit, as this is an old stain, I really wasn't holding out much hope of it disappearing within a few minutes.

The bottom of the scoop is all bobbly, and it feels like it is really crunching up the Vanish powder as you rub it in. Still, I wasn't holding out hope. However, after five minutes of leaving the powder to soak in, it looked like the stain had gone. I chucked the T-shirt back in the washing machine for a quick wash and hey, presto! The stain had completely disapeared!

I'm chuffed. In fact I'm pretty impressed. 

Bottom Line - Do The Syders recommend Vanish for stain removal? Big, fat yes! I'm really surprised at how much quicker Vanish removes the stains, compared with ten years ago when I used to buy it on a regular basis. My teenage Daughter has been putting a scoop of the white Vanish, in with her wash, and she asked me if I can buy it all the time as she has really noticed how much whiter her whites are turning out. Big thumbs up!

*We were sent two pots of Vanish stain removal free of charge for the purpose of this review. We have received no financial reward and as a Family we give honest & unbiased opinions.

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