Monday, 8 April 2013

The One Direction Concert At London's O2

Last month Papa and I were dragged took our youngest Daughter and her best friend to see One Directions concert (Take me home tour) at London's O2, for her 13th birthday present. We knew exactly what we were letting ourselves in for  to expect as two years previously we had been to see Justin Bieber's concert for her 11th birthday, so we knew that we would be seated in a crowd of 20,000 wild screaming teenagers, all desperate to be breathing in the same air as their idols.

Before we head off for a concert we always print off a Sky reward back stage pass as it means we can queue up for the concert via a back door and ahead of everyone else. We like it because the kids can get their hair and make up done for them free of charge by Sky's stylists, they get a photo and we get to relax in the lounge with a drink before the concert starts.

As we took our seats I began to feel a little queasy as we were high up and I do not have much of a head for heights, after about 20 minutes though, I started to feel ok and as I saw my Daughters smiling face I was beginning to look forward to the show.

The empty O2 arena began to fill and very quickly was full to the brim with a very enthusiastic crowd of kids, Mums & some Dads.

To be honest, One Direction are not really my cup of tea, I'm more of a rock chick so I was only there to supervise, but as the show opened I couldn't help but tap my toes. Yes, I was actually tapping my toes with a bunch of girls who were crying and screaming so loud I thought I would actually wake up the next morning, completely deaf.

I ended up having a group of girls sat right in front of me who, I swear screamed the loudest and danced the wildest. Most of the time I couldn't actually see a thing and if it had been Jared Leto on that stage I would have been devastated, However, as it was Harry Styles I wasn't all that bothered, apart from when I got the odd super hair flick in my face or air punch to the head. Yeah, it was great!

I really liked the stage set up, and was pleasantly surprised that they could actually sing, I swear I wasn't expecting that. The one who got the most screams? Well, it wasn't Harry Styles (which was another surprise) it was Niall Horan, and I must say his voice is definitely the best out of the bunch.

I also liked how the group had a floating stage right smack bang in the middle of the audience. It gave the kids who were not at the front a better view of their idols and our Daughter was thrilled by this.

The concert was worth being dragged going to because it made our 13 year old Daughters dreams come true (well nearly, meeting Niall would have put the cherry on the cake). Her smiles were as big as a house and worth every minute.

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  1. I'm not a fan of One Direction either - but looks like your daughters had a fab time - great shots too!



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