I Dream Of A New Modern Bathroom

We recently put in a new kitchen, we did it on a tight budget after months of saving hard and I'm thrilled with it. We could really do with a new bathroom too, as ours is really horrible, but saving up again now, so soon after doing the kitchen would be very difficult. When I spotted that Tots100  had teamed up with Bathshop321 to giveaway a beautiful new bathroom and £500 cash to put towards fitting it, I was excited to join in.

At first glance my very small bathroom looks cute and quite pretty, however a closer inspection reveals damp patches that are very difficult to wash off the walls and our teenage Daughter's fake tan stains our white tiles around the bath. No matter how hard I scrub these gross black stains, they just do not budge.

I would love to have a bathroom that is easier to keep clean, so fully tiled would be like a dream come true. Our bath is chipped, and our sink has a manky, rusty plug hole (with no plug). I would be really like a clean, comfortable bathroom that I could fully relax in.

Believe it or not, this sink has just been cleaned and polished. It just never seems to look clean.

 So, if I was lucky enough to win this competition, I would choose this gorgeous alpha cubic modern bathroom with waterfall taps

I would choose black tiles from floor to ceiling, with a bright bolt of colour by using lime green accessories.

I would love a slick, modern bathroom that I'm not embarrassed to point my guests towards when they need to spend a penny. I would love a bathroom that I am proud to show off.
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  1. Oh good luck in the competition, Mama! You so deserve to win! Your kitchen looks fab!

    1. Thanks so much. It would be lovely to win xxx

  2. Fingers crossed you win this as I have no doubt you make a new bathroom look wonderful. The picture of the bathroom at the bottom is just jaw dropping - in my dreams! :o).

    1. Thankyou :-) I'd be so excited if I won xxx

  3. Oh, I think it looks gorgeous but like you say. If you can see those other problem areas, they need to be fixed. Good luck with the comp!

    Anne xx


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