Friday, 26 April 2013

Flashback Friday - The Power Ranger Jab!

It's been absolutely ages since I last joined in with Flashback Friday, I used to link up regular back when Cafe Bebe hosted it, then when she stopped doing it I just got out of the habit of linking up every Friday. Then, yesterday, as I took my 13 year old for the 2nd course of her HPV vaccine , I was reminded of the time when my middle Son went to have his pre school booster jab when he was four and I thought it would be a good flashback to join in with again. 

It was quite a few years back now, as our Sons are 22 & 23 this year, but the memories of that time feel like yesterday for me. I loved my time as a young Mum and wish I could have my four all small again.

The year was 1995 and middle Son was in the queue at the clinic, waiting for his pre-school booster. He didn't realise why he was there at first, until he saw another little boy walking out of the nurses room, crying. He suddenly remembered being in the same waiting room, twelve months earlier with his big brother. "I'm not going in there Mummy!" he cried. I instantly began to feel anxious. Taking our babies for their vaccines always upset me. Luckily, I took Papa for moral support and he quickly blurted out "You've got to go in there, how else will you become a Power Ranger? You are here to receive your Powers"

The little white lie worked an absolute treat, as our four year old Son, very bravely walked into the treatment room, sat down and told the nurse "I'm not scared, cos I'm going to be a Power Ranger!" His little face looked so excited, but afraid at the same time. I felt guilty for lying to him, but as he walked out of that treatment room with a huge grin on his face, my guilt subsided. All the way home he kept saying "Look Mum, Look what I can do now!" as he jumped up into the air and threw a Power Ranger punch. Papa and I giggled all the way home.

Twelve months later it was 1996, he turned five and was all ready for his first day of school, after receiving his Power Ranger jab, of course.


  1. Aww that is so sweet. Sometimes those white lies are necessary to help them feel brave :)

  2. thanks for linking up mama!! nice to see you sharing your flashbacks again
    i think papa deserves a power ranger medal all of his own to have come up with such a great reason for your boy to have to have his jab!! i am glad he didnt get upset by the time his ordeal was over. goodness those ruddy power rangers were such the rage back then weren't they?

  3. Lovely post! Sounds like you did the right thing, and it helped him to over come a big obstacle and feel proud of himself. :o).



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