Popular Toys And Games Of The 90's

A few weeks ago I was going through some old photo's and as I flicked through them I smiled as one of the things that I noticed was the difference in the fashion through the years and in particular, how much Kids Clothing has changed. 

A big smile spread across my face as soon as I spotted a photo of my eldest child during the 90's,  when he was about six, proudly showing off his red wellies. I fondly remember how much he loved those red wellies and the fight we would have to get him to wear anything else.

He had very simple reasoning for wearing his bright red wellies everywhere he went, it was because he wanted to be just like his hero, the red Power Ranger.

My Boys are close in age, only thirteen months between them and they were both obsessed with Power Rangers. "Dragon sword!" and "It's Morphin Time!" was frequently heard, being yelled from The Syder house as they would spring into the air and a flying kick would follow. 

This obsession with Power Rangers lasted throughout most of the 1990's and I guess it would be safe to say that it was probably one of my kids favourite games to play.

Power Rangers were not the only popular toy of the 90's, we also had the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tamagotchi, Trolls, Pogs, Pokemon cards, Furby's and of course who remembers queueing up for hours to get their hands on a Teletubbie or Buzz Lightyear? Parents up and down the Country from Lands’ End to John O' Groats fought in the toy aisles to provide their kids with the ultimate Christmas gift.

After a recent clear out I was thrilled to discover my kids old Nintendo 64 games console, complete with games like 007, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and Zelda. The memories came flooding back as I remember playing these games on Christmas morning with my Boy's when they were small.

Popular toys and games from the past fill me with nostalgia and make me realise how much I long to have the kids all small again. Their childhoods just fly by so fast and I would love to go back and play with those old toys again.

Can you remember your favourite toy from the 90's, or like me, that of your children?

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  1. My younger two were obsessed with Power Rangers too, but their (and my) all-time favourite toy has simply got to be LEGO, my granddaughter has just started playing with it now :-)

  2. Some things go out of fashion so quickly, yet others seem to endure. It always amazes me which ones fall into each category! My kids are 7 years apart, so if I hang on to the eldest's things long enough, the youngest thinks they're cool!!! I'd say Thunderbirds were the exception.......


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