My Weight Loss Journey - Month Two

Month two has been just as successful as month one, as I have lost ten pounds. Not quite the 14 I was aiming for, but ten pounds is a very good loss and I'm very happy with it. The first two weeks of month two, the weight loss was very slow even though I was working out every day, so I changed my workout routine to 30 minutes per day intense cardio and I started lifting dumbbells, the weight then started falling off me. 

I lift 1 kg per dumbbell and my routine is:
10 x 3 - Bicep Curls
10 x 3 - One arm tricep extensions (each arm)
10 x 3 - Tricep Kickbacks (each arm)
10 x 3 - Shoulder Press
10 x 3 - Lateral Raise
10 x 3 - Upright Row
10 x 3 - Front Raise

My food has been very simple of porridge for breakfast, soup with 1 slice of wholemeal bread for lunch and a low fat dinner. My snacks have been fruit and yogurts. Every night I have a low calorie hot chocolate which curbs my sugar cravings. My calories are around 1000 - 1200 per day. I log everything on 'My Fitness Pal' which I have become addicted to.  My favourite meal of the month has been my cauliflower and potato curry, its delicious and I dont feel like Im missing out on my Saturday night curries!

I have completely given up alcohol and chocolate, but I do still have my usual Sunday roast. The first 3 weeks I struggled not to buy a bottle of wine, but now I don't even think about it. I have noticed that my stomach has really gone down, my clothes are looser, I no longer get back ache and I can walk very fast for an hour without getting out of breath, unlike before. I feel so much better already and my lovely friend even said that my skin looks so much better too.

I now feel brave enough to share my weight with you, I am 5ft 2 ins and my starting weight was 231 lbs (size uk 22), My current weight is 206 lbs (size uk 18), My goal weight is 126lbs (size uk 10). So I still have a long way to go and I plan on being at goal by next Christmas. My aim is to lose 10 lbs per month for the next eight months. That will get me back to being a size ten, although I would be happy at size 12.

As you can see, there is already a huge difference in the size of my stomach. I actually looked like I was nine months pregnant. Bring on month 3!

Month two loss - 10lbs
Total weightloss since Jan 2013 - 24lbs
Weight still to lose - 80lbs
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  1. Thats brilliant Emma, well done. I'm losing too, but very slowly, nothing like your pace, I'm afraid the wine stays, but 2 small glasses come easily within my daily calorie count, so its OK. I had a workout in the garden this afternoon, first time this year, dug up a couple of old rose bushes, I'm sure once the gardening season starts properly my loss will be quicker. Looking forward to seeing how much you lose in month three.

    1. Thanks Joy. Well done to you too for losing. To be honest Ive wanted to give up wine completely for quite a while now, because it makes me hungry and I eat late at night when I drink, so it's best for me to just knock it on the head. Gardening is a great workout. I cant wait for the warmer weather so I can get out there every day and dig, burns loads of calories xxx

  2. Wow! Well done, that's amazing! V inspirational as always! Good luck for month 3, look forward to seeing how you do! Puts my 1lb here and 2lbs there to shame! x

  3. That's great - you can really see the fruits of all that effort. Well done you x

  4. Congrats - looks like you have done the hard bit by getting started and keeping up a good regime.

  5. Well done, you have done amazing and you look great :)

  6. Well done - really admire your discipline, and you are looking great - keep going!:o).


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