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How many times have you walked past  a Build a Bear Workshop and dreamily peered in, or you have spotted it and had to walk past really fast before the toddler spots it too and starts screaming the place down to go in. I must admit Ive done that loads of times over the years and Ive never taken the time to venture in...Until now.

We took Our 13 year old Daughter and 7 year old Granddaughter along to the Build a Bear workshop in Westfield, Stratford during half term last week and we enjoyed every second of it. Even though it was packed solid with kids on their half term break, the staff were amazing and had time for every single kid in there.

A lovely, bubbly member of staff called Geeza, explained to us how the bear building process works and guided us to the beginning, which was to choose a teddy skin. This was a very difficult thing to do as there were so many cute bears to choose from.

After picking our bears, we moved along to pick a sound that we would like inside. Our Girls picked a recording of 'One Direction', but there are a variety to choose from like cute giggles, Happy Birthday,  and 'I Love You's'. Or, you can even make your own for a personalised sound effect.

Then we picked a 'scentiment' which is a lovely scent that is put inside the bear. There are five to choose from, cupcake, strawberry, bubblegum and chocolate. Then we picked up a little red heart, that gives the bear a real heartbeat effect. 

These extras are added to the bear before it is stitched up and a wish is made. The kids were also encouraged to jump up and down and shout out "I Love My Bear!", which was fun as our Girls were to shy to do it so Papa had to instead. He got a few giggles from the kids behind us.

Our bears were then stuffed and the kids are able to help by stepping on the peddle that pumps the white, fluffy stuffing into the bear.

Just before our bear was stitched up our unique bar code was put inside, this means that if ever our bear was lost and handed in to a build a bear workshop then they can contact us and return our bear, what a great idea! Our completed bear was then handed to us so we could move along to the pamper station, where our bear was combed.

Next came the most exciting bit, the picking of the outfit. This was really hard as there are so many different ways to dress your bear. And there are tons of accessories to choose from. The Girls enjoyed this bit the most.

Once we dressed our bears, we were able to register them on a child friendly computer, all our details were entered and we gave our bears a name. This is where Build a Bear find our bears details if ever it is lost so it can be returned safely. 

While we were at Build a Bear in Stratford, suddenly an announcement was made "Attention please Build A Bear Workshop! Today is a very special day, as it is 'Luke's' Birthday. Please sing him Happy Birthday!" Everyone in the shop sang to little Luke, it was really fab and such a lovely personal touch. So if its your special day, be sure to tell the shop assistant when your bear is being stuffed, then when you get to the till they make that special announcement.

Also, when you get home you can go onto the website, enter your bears unique code that is on its birth certificate and you can interact with your bear online. How cool is that!

Bears from the Build a Bear workshop range in price from around £9.00 - £19.00. You can get an outfit for about £10.00, and a pair of shoes for £6.00 but you can add lots of extras like sunglasses, knickers, socks, skateboards, hats or handbags. The choice is wide.

Build a Bear Workshop has received a big massive thumbs up from The Syders and we cant believe that we have never tried it before. It is a great birthday treat or it makes a really fun afternoon out during school holidays. We loved our experience and will be returning. Huge Thanks to the fab staff at the Westfield, Stratford store for making our experience such a good one. Our opinions are honest, unbiased and totally our own.

Build - A - Bear Workshop Review Build - A - Bear Workshop Review Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Saturday, March 02, 2013 Rating: 5

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  1. It sounds like it would entertain achild for ages and that looks like one happy girl :)


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