Monday, 18 February 2013

Magpie Monday - Retro Fabric

I'm so excited about my Magpie find this week. I squealed with delight as I spotted this gorgeous retro fabric from the 1970's. Its bold, bright and beautiful...

There was eight whole yards of it for £3, so I made myself a pair of funky curtains for my hallway. I'm going for a 70's look out there so these are perfect.

I Love them!

Lizzie is off on her hols so the lovely Lucy is looking after Magpie Monday this week.


  1. I'm squealing too! They are gorgeous. I found myself some 70s brown, orange and yellow floral curtains at the jumble sale for 40 p on Saturday. They are completely insane. Xx

  2. Fabulous! not my colours, but love the design!

  3. Really fab! And lovely to have enough to make curtains with

  4. They are fab, I love those colours and print

  5. GORGEOUS!! Absolutely love your 70's fabric - what a find. There's a charity-run centre near us that sells recycled/donated/salvaged material and haberdashery, and they have some lovely vintage stuff. Never come away empty-handed!

  6. Love the colour and design :) stopping by see you are still doing your outfit posts? and invite you to my new blog hop, Share your style Saturday is my new fashion linky, hope you can stop by sometime and link up? love to see what bargains clothes you have found too:)



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