Happy Birthday Mum. I Miss You.

One of the reasons that I started my blog over four years ago, was because I had lost my Mum eighteen months previously to Cancer, and memory keeping had suddenly became a necessity of life. I was panic stricken that if I died at a young age like my Mum then I wanted to make damn sure that my Kids had my personal thoughts and opinions to read back on during the times that they need to pick up the phone and ask what I would do and how I would deal with different situations. It is a massive part of why my blog is pretty much no holds barred, and the reason why I write a lot about personal things. Things that a lot of people wouldn't dream of publicly writing about. I want my Kids to know the truth and what makes me tick.

So many times I wish I had a blog or diary of my Mums to read during times of needing her to be close, during those times that I yearn to hear her voice guiding and advising me. Life can sometimes be a lonely place without Mum, even with a supportive Husband, a lovely Family and Good Friends. Nothing quite hits the spot like my Mums wise words always did.

So, today would have been my Mum's 63rd Birthday, it is 6 years since I last wrote her a card. Six whole years, and even though it gets easier every year that passes, I still shed a tear for her, long to speak to her, yearn to hear her take on life and all the psychological conversations we used to have. I miss her, really really miss her.

Happy Birthday Mum!

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  1. I miss my daddy still; it is 30 years, but I hold him in my heart, talk to him every day and let him know how we are getting on. Special people never really leave you. Thinking of you today xxxx

    1. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment. I always struggle around her birthday. The anniversaries are tough aren't they. Lots of love to you xxx

  2. A beautiful tribute to a lovely woman, fantastic video memory. As you say, she will always be in your heart.

  3. She will always be part of you, and I reckon she would be so completely proud of you and your lovely family...

  4. What a beautiful post. Like you, I started my blog to record memories. The fact that other people read it is just a bonus. My kids are too young to read my blog now, but when they are old enough they can read it and see how much I loved them and how much I was proud of them. And sometimes how much they wound me up!


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