Top Three Tips For Taking Photo's Of Your Kids

My Camera is always around my neck. Hubby gently ribs me, by constantly telling me "You look like a tourist in your own town, with that camera hooked around you!" Thing is, he is right but I don't care because I always go home with at least one photo that ends up great and worthy of hanging on the wall.

Lots of people ask me how my photo's of the kids turn out so good, so I'll share a few tips on how I  capture that perfect shot.

1) Get real close. Switch your camera to macro, get down on their level and point the camera as close as possible. This can sometimes be quite difficult as kids tend not to stand still for very long. It will often take several attempts to get that perfect shot, but when you do it will be worth it, especially if you manage to capture the colour of the eyes. I often practise taking shots of eyes, it drives everyone mad but after a bit of practise, focusing on the eyes becomes easy.

2) Use Props - It doesn't take a lot to get my Granddaughter to dress up in her favourite characters costume and when I made some colourful toadstools for the back garden, the first thing she did was change into her Alice in Wonderland costume. Out came Nanny's camera and I managed to capture the lovely shot above, that I now have blown up as a canvas on my wall.

3) Catch them unaware - Some of the best shots I have are of the kids when they are not even looking at the camera. I especially love to capture them pointing towards something, it captures their childhood wonderment and curiosity and tells me a story of intrigue.

Last month I entered the Zulily December cuties competition on Instagram and at the moment they have not only a January comp for the cutest grin, but they are also running a blogger photo competition. So if you want to practise your photography skills and/or show off some existing ones and give your readers some tips for fab photography then pop over and join in, for the chance to win a £100 Zulily voucher or a runner up voucher for £25.

Since I have been introduced to Zulily, I am always over there checking out their daily offers. Zulily like to think of themselves as 'Mum's helper'. They offer very carefully selected products, with discounts of 30 - 90%. As a penny pinching Mum, that is the kind of helper that I love. Each of the offers last around 72 hours and lots of the products are selected from independent boutique brands, that would not usually be too easy to find. They work a bit differently than other sites and to be able to get the larger discounts, they have longer times for delivery 10 - 14 days. 

The winner of the Zulily Blogger photo competition will be selected by Zulily's lead photographer and he’ll be looking for: creativity, an interesting angle or simply how you might deal with a short attention span of a child model. They will also feature some of their favourite entries on the blog through the month, with links back to your site.
The competition closes on Thursday 31st of January. Zulily will be shortlisting on Friday 1st of February and if you win then they will contact you via twitter or your email contact on your blog. The winner will be announced no later than Tuesday 5th February. Zulily’s Ts&Cs are here. If you haven’t already joined zulily, click through here and give it a try!
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