Thrifty Things To Do With The Kids On A Snow Day

Did you open your bedroom curtains this morning to a blanket of snow? It hasn't reached Essex yet, but it is on its way and by the end of the day we are promised that the whole country will be affected. The country is slowly coming to an absolute standstill, but lets be honest it doesn't exactly take much snow to do that does it. I guess most of you are reaching for the radio and switching it on, eagerly waiting for your kids school to be mentioned. And, Just as you thought, the school is closed. The buses and trains have been cancelled and the kids are running wild, driving you crazy to get outside and have a snowball fight. If you could do with a few frugal ideas to keep them entertained today, then read on.

1) Of course the obvious is to wrap up warm and get outside, enjoy the fresh air and build the best snowman ever. Dust off the toboggan and get sledding, make snow angels, have a snowball fight and enjoy the snow with the kids while its there. Create some memories, get the camera out and capture some pretty snowy shots that you will treasure forever.

2) Get those wet gloves and clothes off and warm yourself up with a hot chocolate, if you have any snowman soups left over from Christmas then now is the perfect time to make them.

3) Change into your PJ's, curl up on the sofa and watch your favourite snowy movie - Jack frost or Polar Express are good choices.

4) Make a cardboard box house or fort. Get out the coloured pens, pencils and paints and be creative. This simple, cheap idea can keep the kids entertained for hours.

5) Make some dippy egg and soldiers. You are never too old to enjoy dippy eggs with your kids!

6) Start a creative journal/scrapbook. Ask the kids to write about their favourite memory, holiday, day trip. Print off a photo of that memory and stick it in their new scrapbook.

7) Create a colourful montage by cutting out random pictures from old magazines, comics and catalogues. Run out of glue? Then make your own by mixing together, in a saucepan over a low heat - 1 cup of flour, 1.5 cups of water, 1/3 cup of sugar, 1tsp vinegar. Once thickened leave to cool and use.

8) Get in the kitchen and teach the kids how to cook a new recipe. You could bake some fairy cakes, cookies or how about a homemade pizza. Kids love to cook.

9) Get the board games out. Forgotten how much fun Monopoly or Uno is? Or been meaning to teach the kids how to play chess and haven't got round to it? A snow day is the perfect time to spend playing traditional games.

10) If all else fails - Play Sleeping Lions, whoever keeps their eyes closed the longest is the winner ;-)

Enjoy your day off!
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  1. Great tips and playing sleeping lions made me laugh! Have fun when the snow reaches you - we are still waiting here as well.

  2. Thanks Sally, Sleeping Lions is always a good one, haha! Enjoy the snow when it gets to you, keep warm x

  3. Lots of snow in London, and even more in Oxford when I took some girls on the train to a study day!

  4. Some great ideas. Love the snowman pic at the end! Enjoy! :) x

  5. I'm a new follower:) We have lots of snow in Denmark too a the moment:)

  6. Some great ideas thanks. We have been having a great time in the snow.


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