What a year 2012 has been!

It has been a busy year, here at The Syders. It began in January with crisp blue skies and by the time we reached February we had heavy snowfall. Of course, The Syders love the snow and we had a great time.

When February half term arrived we were back to blue skies and bike rides with our Granddaughter

Then I found an old camera film that belonged to my Mum's which I was thrilled to find family photo's from 1996 in the home I grew up in.

We went to Disney On Ice

We got a cute Bunny

We had a great Easter, spent with Family.
We Crabbed on the river...

We went to Brighton Pier

We BBQ'd

And BBQ'd Some More

We celebrated a 21st Birthday and The Queens Diamond Jubilee all on the same weekend

We had a successful year of homeschool. Our youngest concentration and writing skills have improved and our eldest started college.

Then our hearts were broken when we lost our old pal. I thought I would never stop crying.

We spent time on the water to take our minds away from losing our friend.

We enjoyed a great day out in London and the Olympics on TV

We had happy kids as we rescued more hens...

And a rather handsome Cockerel

We Grew Veggies...


We enjoyed summer campfires and toasted marshmallows

My Sister in Law and her lovely family moved to Essex...Five minutes from us.

I have had some amazing blog opportunities this year and one of them was visiting the Czech Republic with Cow & Gate and watching Ella from Purple Mum juggle apples in the middle of a Czech orchard was a fabulous experience.

We enjoyed carnival and the fair.

I decided to finish my degree...
at long last

 We went to Center Parcs, where we celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary

We enjoyed nice meals out

And cosy food in

We have ended 2012 with a wonderful Christmas that was busy, noisy and fun, surrounded by precious Family & Friends
(This photo shows how busy)

So what will 2013 bring for The Syders? I haven't a clue, but whatever it brings we will make the most of every single day and cherish the people we love!

Happy New Year to you all. Hope its a Good one!
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  1. What a year! Let's hope 2013 is just as exacting and eventful!

  2. Gracious a busy year. Happy 2013!

  3. Wow - what a year!!!!! And I really hope you all have a great 2013! (looks like you had a great Christmas).

  4. Happy New Year Mama S... May 2013 be the best yet. Gorgeous photos as always xx

  5. what a great post, lovely to look at your photo's and a brilliant record for the future. Thanks for including me, I am honoured.


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