A Warner Brothers Christmas Gift Guide

We all have a movie buff in the family don't we. In my family, we all are and we love to receive a good DVD in our stockings. So if you are looking for a few last minute suggestions, then I have three great films to recommend as gifts.

One for Mum - New Years Eve

Now, I'm not saying Dad's wont enjoy this film but it is more of a chick flick. I love this film, and not just because Jon Bon Jovi is in it, there is a lot more to it than it starring one of my idols. This movie is a bit like a US 'love Actually' and is full to the brim with of some of my favourites like Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hilary Swank and Josh Duhamel, and thats just to name a few!

All about a group of people who lives are intertwined in New York on New Years Eve, the film focuses on love, forgiveness and second chances in life. A must have girlie movie!
Available to buy from Amazon priced at around £15

One for Dad - The Dark Knight Rises

I must say, this film isn't just for Men. I loved it! Christian Bale is superb and so is Anne Hathaway who plays Selina Kyle, she is just brilliant in this film. I also love that it has another favourite of mine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring in this film and of course, the legend Michael Caine.

Its been eight years since we saw Batman vanish into the night, and his return has been worth the wait. Brilliant film, full of action and cool moves. We loved it!
Available to by from Amazon for around £12.50

One for the Kids - Polar Express

This film is one of The Syders favourite Christmas movies. We also have this film on Blue ray 3D and it is magical to sit and watch with the whole family. The DVD is of course, great to watch because the film is so beautifully made. The story of a group of children who board a train heading to Santa's home in the North Pole. For one of the children, a little boy it becomes a journey of self discovery as he learns that life is full of wonder for those who 'believe'. Fabulous film for the whole family!
Available to buy from Amazon for around £14

*Thank you to Warner Bros for sending us this DVD selection and some Christmas treats.
Our views and opinions are unbiased and completely our own.
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  1. Has it been eight years since the last Batman, gosh time sure flies.


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