Thrifty Plus Size

Thrifty clothing doesn't always have to be second hand, although I personally try to buy as much as I can via charity shops and Ebay because I hate waste and I get such a thrill from recycling clothes. However, the odd outfit I do buy new, especially if I spot a good deal. 

I love poncho's, they are so cosy and comfy. The grey poncho in this weeks outfit, I received free from La Redoute with my first order. I also received £15 off & free delivery on the same order providing I spent £30, so I ordered the black bat winged sweater for £19.00 and a pair of grey leggings for £12.00. My order totalled £16.00 for 3 items. I often look for deals like this from clothing stores, its a great way to get a good thrifty outfit.

Black Bat Winged Sweater - £19.00 (At the moment these sweaters are reduced to £13.30)
Grey Leggings - La redoute - £12.00
Grey Fleece Poncho - La Redoute  - Free 
Black hat - Asda George - £5.00

Total for whole outfit = £21.00

Winter Essentials - Grey Boots - Ebay - £15.00

Thrifty Plus Size Thrifty Plus Size Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Thursday, November 01, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. I adore the poncho. You look great

  2. I do the same - I get a lot from charity or e.bay, but when I buy new I have to get a deal or money off voucher for it!! Xx Love the poncho. xx

  3. I need your boots they are great :) lovely outfit,stylish and warm too,thanks for linking up with us at welcome to the weekend hop :)


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