Thrifty Plus Size - Save Money By Shopping at Outlets

If there are items of clothing that I need and I cant find them second hand, I then try online sales and if the item I need is unavailable online, I visit a discount outlet. These places are great for buying designer brands at bargain prices. Many of the outlet stores offer up to 70% off the usual price. I particularly like the M&S and NEXT outlet stores as they usually stock plus sizes and I always manage to pick up a bargain.

My most recent shopping trip to an outlet was when I visited Freeport in Essex. I needed a swimming costume for my holiday and I had spotted one online in NEXT but, before I bought it I thought I'd try their outlet store first. It is out of season for swimwear so I was pushing my luck really, however I managed to get my hands on a costume, it was actually their last one in my size, reduced from £30 to £14.

As I'm curvy I do feel a little self conscious about wearing swimwear, although that isn't just down to my weight because even when I was skinny I always covered up around the pool. I wanted a nice bright cover up to match my costume and I found one in M&S for £14. I love it, perfect for sitting around the pool at Center Parcs.

Thrifty Plus Size - Save Money By Shopping at Outlets Thrifty Plus Size - Save Money By Shopping at Outlets Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Monday, November 12, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Lovely items. Just the sort of things I'd buy. My failing is that I'm always put off by sales racks which require a good amount of searching and rummaging. I lose patience. I'm a lazy shopper :-(

  2. I had to google what this Center Parcs was you've been talking about. I wasn't sure if you were going on holiday or not. I thought it might've been a shopping centre. Where abouts are you? Love the bathers. Forgot to say love to new look on the blog too.

    Anne xx

  3. the cossie's great! reminds me of the special k ads! xx


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