Thrifty Plus Size - The Colour Purple

I'm really into purple at the moment. I have a few things that can be mixed & matched with purple. I bought this summer dress a few weeks back and love, that it has lime green & cerise patterns on it. The colours really pop out. It is a typical summer dress but with leggings, a cardi and a scarf it can be worn in winter too.

Purple Dress - Originally George from Asda - Charity shop - £1.50
Purple Cardigan - New Look - £12.99
Cerise Scarf - Market - £4.00
Purple Leggings - New Look - £7.99
Cerise Bag - Originally Accessorize - Charity Shop - £1.00

Total for Outfit - £26.50

I've been nominated for a Navabi Curvy Blog Award so if you fancy voting for me that would be so fab. If you scroll down the list, I'm on the left hand side, number 128.

Thanks so much x

Thrifty Plus Size - The Colour Purple Thrifty Plus Size - The Colour Purple Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Thursday, November 08, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Love your dress what a bargain,your bag is a fab buy too :) you look lovely,great outfit. I've been so cold the last few day (shh wearing sweatshirts ) you inspired me to add some colour tomorrow :)

  2. Wow! You rock those colours! I just love the little bag! How bargainous.

  3. Love purple - looks good on you too! X

  4. The pink and the purple look fab together! It's so easy to sucked into drab colours as it gets colder but a splash of colour looks great on a dull day! Great outfit

  5. Oh that bag is fab, the colours of this outfit look great to brighten up t he dull autumn days.

  6. I literally love that outfit, but then you know how I feel about purple.


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