Magpie Monday - Mama's Comforts

This weeks charity shop finds are a couple of small comforts for me. Firstly I spotted a lovely comfy footstool, brand new in the box for a fiver. I love it and its perfect for when I'm crocheting by the fire, and keeping my toes cosy.

Then I found a gorgeous sewing box, sitting outside the charity shop. I instantly fell in love with it and I snapped it up for £4. 

And inside...

Normally I would paint items I find like this, however I love it just how it is.

Have you found any bargains this week?

Me and My Shadow
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  1. Ooh they are great finds...especially that sewing box!!

  2. I love your sewing box, it almost makes me want to give sewing another try, almost mind.

  3. Oooh I have a box exactly like that except it's not lined. It sits in our bathroom full of all the stuff I don't want people to see - you know, Veet, tampons, razors... LOL TMI

    Great finds x

  4. That sewing box is just perfect. Wonder what its history is too? :)

  5. Wow - fantastic finds both of them! I've been looking for a sewing box for myself and am amazed you got such a nice one for £4


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