Halloween - We Love it!


My first memory of Halloween is from 1979. I was nine and was lucky enough to have been taken on a family holiday to Florida and Canada with my Parents. We had a fantastic time and I fell in love with the US & Canada. It made a huge impression on me and My Brother (who was seven at the time), so much so that my Brother emigrated to Canada with hi family last year.

We visited Canada during the Halloween holiday and at that time people in the UK hardly celebrated it. I can't actually remember anyone over here really Trick or treating back then, but in Canada it was huge. I remember Mum treating us to Mcdonalds (our first ever happy meal) and they were giving away special Halloween coins to collect. The restaurant itself was decorated all spooky and almost every other customer was dressed up in a costume. I was amazed, thrilled, excited, I just loved everything about it. Ever since then, I have been a huge fan of Halloween.

When my four kids were smaller I would often throw a Halloween party and take all the kids Trick or Treating. I always made the effort to dress up myself and loved waiting by the door in my rocking chair, ready to frighten all the Trick or Treaters. I see Halloween as so much Fun and I love to see all the kids dressed up in their costumes.

These days my kids are growing fast, my youngest is twelve and is losing her enthusiasm for Halloween. However, I do have my six year old Granddaughter to share my love of Halloween with. Every year, she usually spends it with us and every year we have a special spooky tea, then we go to a local party in the park where they have bouncy castles, tea cup rides, donkey rides and face painting, then we come home to Trick or Treat. I love the atmosphere around the streets, all the little ones squealing with delight as they knock door to door, People answering the doors excitedly admiring costumes. I just love it.

Do you celebrate Halloween?

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  1. We love it too, knew it was big in USA and Canada, but hadn't realised how big until my friend in Canada told me everyone goes to work in costume! Amazing! Love your photos :)

  2. I love Halloween too! I love dressing up, scary stories, decorations and sweets so whats not to love? This year I held a party for the kids and they had great fun, so did I.

  3. I just loved the pumpkin bum - that was really funny. Little A is still a little young - but give it a few years and we will be braving the weather with costumes!


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