Thrifty Plus Size - The Candy Stripe Dress

This weeks thrifty plus size outfit is a dress that I love. I wore it all summer and now winter is on its way, worn with a cardi, leggings and boots I can still wear it during the colder months too.

Dress - Originally F&F at Tesco - Bought from Ebay £5.00
Black Mac - Originally F&F at Tesco - Charity shop - £4.00
Black Cardigan - Originally F&F at Tesco - Charity Shop - £2.00
Black belt - Charity shop - £1.00
Small black handbag - Charity shop - £1.00

Total for whole outfit - £13.00

Winter Essentials 
Boots - Ebay - £15.99
Black leggings - Next - £10.00

My Sister in Law found a bargain this week and she loves it...

Polka dot rain mac - Originally Dorothy Perkins - Charity Shop - £5

Have you found any bargains this week?
Thrifty Plus Size - The Candy Stripe Dress Thrifty Plus Size - The Candy Stripe Dress Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Thursday, October 18, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. You look so sassy - I wish I was braver with colour x

  2. Love the dress! Just had to tell you that today I charity shopped for kitchenware for the first time, and got ceramic vinegar and oil pourers for a pound.

  3. Thanks Querty Mum, I love bright colours xxx
    & Ella thats great, thrilling isnt it. Once your collection starts building up, you'll end up kitchenalia obsessed, like me, lol xxx

  4. Your dress is amazing and such a bargain,looks great :)I am a huge polka dot fan too,great jacket...

  5. You look great! Bold and beautiful! Your sister in law looks so stylish too, and she will have plenty of opportunity to wear it in the rain.....!

  6. I love that dress! It makes me happy just looking at it.

  7. That's a gorgeous dress. What great bargains!

  8. I love this dress! Great transition styling. And who doesn't need a polka dot raincoat? Super cute!


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