The Gallery - Frightful

As it is half term, we have our Granddaughter staying with us. We always look forward to her visits because she is such a joy and she is always making me and Papa laugh our heads off. Full of character, she never ceases to entertain us, especially Grandad. The moment he arrives home from work, She runs rings round him. Especially when She decides to be Nurse Syder.

Papa asks her "But why so many bandages?"

She replies "Because you have been very naughty and have been chewing the furniture!"

Apparently lots of People chew furniture.
A Frightful Fact!

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  1. Ha ha! He won't be able to chew the furniture anymore with that lot on.

    Herding Cats

  2. So lovely when grown ups can act the part like this! Popping over from The Gallery.

  3. Great pictures - and what a very patient grandad!

  4. that's post of the gallery - well done.

  5. Haa! That's brilliant!! All those bandages!

  6. This was really funny! BTW I love your new blog design - very catchy! :o).

  7. That is hysterical! What fun.


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