Magpie Monday - A Picnic Surprise

Wow, where has the week gone? It seems to have flown by. I've got some great thrifty finds to share with you for this weeks Magpie Monday. 

I picked up this great picnic bag. At first I thought it was just a regular backpack. It looked new and I thought it might come in handy for our holiday, for swimming gear.

I opened it up and was very pleasantly surprised to find a picnic set inside. Perfect for next summers walks along the river. A bargain for £2.

I've been looking out for some kind of picture or a white photo frame that will go above the door in my lounge. I spotted this and loved it. Another bargain...£1.50.

What thrifty finds have you managed to get this week?

Me and My Shadow
Magpie Monday - A Picnic Surprise Magpie Monday - A Picnic Surprise Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Monday, October 29, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Oh lovely! I always like an unexpected bonus from my charity shopping! Love the picture, perfect for you! Half them so I am Avignon a bit of r and r!

  2. Curse predictive text! Not Avignon, but having. Although I am going to France tomorrow for a Eurostar away day, but not that far south, just to Lille.

  3. I love the frame what a lovely find! My other half found a 20 year old Thomas tank engine set its set up on my blooming kitchen table at the moment! It was only £8 xx


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