Magpie Monday - Noel Edmonds Annual

Well, did I have a super groovy find this week in my local charity shop. I tried to walk away, I swear but the 1979 Noel Edmond's annual just kept calling out to me. I was nine when this annual came out onto the the shop shelves, probably woolies as that's the place most of our Mum's would buy the Christmas annuals.

Noel Edmond's was a pretty cool guy back in the 70's. At the time us 70's kids would switch on our TV's (colour if you were lucky) every saturday morning and watch The Multi coloured Swap Shop.

Noel was groovy, funny and a great kids TV presenter. I guess you call call him a Legend!

Noel would have guests on his show like The Boomtown Rats, the cute Kevin Keegan...

Mr Smooth - Leo Sayer

And one of my particular favourites, Elvis Costello.

Noels annual is full of beauty and fashion tips (I actually remember using a pencil to define my eyeshadow line and heated rollers (my Mums).

So, how much did this funky trip down memory lane cost me?

Bargain! I Love it!

I got a bargain outfit for under £20.

Me and My Shadow
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  1. Sorry but Noel Edmunds !!! Nooo, guess with me being 17 in 1979 Noel just wasn't that cool to me!
    Great trip down memory lane though xx

  2. Haha I remember the swap shop. He doesn't actually look any different now does he?

  3. Ha ha ha! Loving that pullover Elvis! Great find. x

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Lol, Noel Edmonds, not my cup of tea although i did love Noels House Party back in the day. Still at 50p for a trip down memory lane, that's amazing! (Now shred it, pleeaassee!!)
    Aqeela xx

  5. Wow, what a serious blast from the past, I was 14 in 1979, and a great fan of the Multicoloured Swap Shop!

  6. Eew! I used to have a crush on Noel Edmonds in the late 70's!


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