Magpie Monday - Lovely Pair of Jugs

Bit of a mixture this week for Magpie Monday. I got myself a nice pair of jugs (of the glass variety). The large one is great for keeping juice nice & cold in the fridge. It holds about a litre of juice and cost me £1.

The second jug is a smaller one, great for milk or maple syrup. I love it as its so retro looking. It was also £1.

I did some shopping on amazon for second hand books for my 12 year olds homeschooling. I was thrilled to get a good stash of books for £20 inc delivery.

Every now and then we get a power cut and I keep saying that I must get one of those candle holders that you can walk around with. I picked one up for £1, inc a pretty pink candle for 50p.

Did you get any bargains this week? Pop over to Lizzie's place and check out who did.

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Magpie Monday - Lovely Pair of Jugs Magpie Monday - Lovely Pair of Jugs Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Monday, October 01, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. That candle holder is just the prettiest thing ever.

    Have to say it though - nice jugs!

  2. I love the holder and candle great find x

  3. Nice jugs ;) Amazon is good for selling books too, my OH has been flogging his old college books on there.

  4. Great jugs! I have a load of books I keep meaning to 'trade in' on Amazon, just need to find a big enough box and be bothered to haul them to the post office!

  5. What great finds! The candle and stick are just right for a wandering the dark. And I echo the comments about nice jugs!!!!

  6. I love the candle holder, i always pick them up when i see them being sold cheaply, i have a collection on my landing windowsill for power cut emergencies (although i must admit i sometimes light the candles and turn off the lights just to pretend - so cosy!!)
    Aqeela xx

    (i participated in the magpie monday linky too)

  7. No more jug jokes, though they are a great shape :)
    I'm just about to pop over to Amazon to have a look for some secondhand maths books for my son, so thanks very much for the reminder x


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