Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review

The Syders have a bit of an obsession with birthday cakes, we just love em and if they happen to be personalised birthday cakes then we just go weak at the knee's. The very lovely people from a company called Baker Days sent us one of their personalised letterbox cakes to review. Yes, you read that correctly...a letterbox cake. My first thought was "surely a cake wouldnt survive being bashed around in the post?" so I must admit I was quite intrigued as to what condition a letterbox cake would arrive in.

I popped over to the Baker Days website and discovered there are a massive 300 designs and 6 cake recipes to choose from. It was my Daughters 17th birthday coming up so I thought she would like to receive one of these cakes. The website is very easy to use and personalisation of your cake is simple.

The cake arrived in the post safely tucked away in a pretty tin, with its own party pack (candles, gift card, balloons and party horn) all packaged in a small box. My Daughter quickly opened the box and was really surprised to find a cake inside. Her first response was "Oh Mum, where did you get that from?! "I love it!"

You can personalise your cake in any way you like with names or photo's. The cake serves 4 - 6 and the  sponge can be a choice of plain madeira, carrot cake, fruit cake, gluten & wheat free, or double chocolate chip.

We had the double chocolate chip and it was delicious. The sponge moist, rich in flavour and the icing was soft and tasty.

Miss K say's...

"When I received my Baker Days package in the post, I really wasn't expecting it to be a cake inside. I was surprised because I didn't know you could get cakes in the post like that. The cake itself was a pretty design and tasted really nice. It was a lovely treat, an unexpected one and I would be very happy to receive one again"

 Letterbox cakes are priced at £14.99 including free UK delivery.


  1. Wow, I expected the price to be much higher. I'll bookmark the site for when it's my mum's birthday. She lives in Derbyshire and I live in Lincoln so it would be lovely for her to receive something like this instead of the usual flowers :)

  2. We have been trying to organise a cake swap for a while now, but I was not sure how feasible it was to send cake in the post. Clearly it can be done :)

  3. Good value, on a at with waitrose and M&S, but personalised. I love baking, but for those who don't, how marvellous!



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