Listography - The Top 5 Songs I Grew Up To

Thrilled to see Kate's Listography is back and to kick start it we have a good ole music theme...The top 5 songs I grew up to, now this will bring some memories back. My Mum and Dad had a modern record player in our lounge with a pile of albums that they would play. On my 7th birthday my Mum gave me her old record player that she had in her bedroom as a teenager. It was huge, weighed a ton and looked like a giant suitcase. It was in good working order although I did have to balance a 2 pence piece on the arm of the player to stop it jumping, haha I'm really showing my age now.

1) The Drifters - kissin in the back row of the movies (1974) - My Dad was into soul music, so I was raised on Sam Cooke, The Drifters, The Platters amongst others. The song that reminds me most of my childhood is The Drifters - Kissin in the back row of the movies, which reached number 2 in the UK charts. My Mum would tell me stories of the days when she met my Dad during the mid 1960's, he had a scooter, wore a parker coat, a funny hat with a daffodil stuck to the side, he was cool and a very slick dresser having his suits tailor made for him down savile rd in London. Dad listened to the Drifters a lot, and both he and Mum would go and see them in concert as often as they could.

2) Phil Spector - A Christmas Gift for You (1975) - I can't pick just one song because this whole album just screams out all I remember about being a kid during the 70's and the excitement I felt when I would see Mum get out the Christmas album from her pile and place it the record on the player. Me and my Brother would thumb the album cover and would be transported into a world of anticipation waiting for Santa. I still play this album every Christmas.

3) Barbra Streisand - Woman in Love (1981) - This song reminds me of when my Mum & Dad divorced. It was my Mum's birthday and I took my pocket money round to our local shop that sold singles and I bought her Barbra Streisands new song. as I handed it to her she burst into tears. I was puzzled as to why my present would upset her so much, but later I discovered that Dad was leaving.

4) Barry Manilow - I write the songs (1975) Even though this song was released in 1975 it personally takes me back to 1981. Just before Mum & dad split we went on a family holiday to the USA and Canada. Flying home from Miami we travelled via New Yorks JFK airport, notorious for delays, we ended up spending a night on the airport floor and this song was played on repeat. I'm always transported back to that airport floor every time I hear this tune.

5) Eddie Rabbit - Every Which Way but Loose (1979) - Whenever I hear this song I instantly become a nine year old girl, flares on, hair plaited and riding my hot rod (chopper bike) down the street. Me, my Brother and our Dad are big Clint Eastwood fans and we absolutely loved this movie but the theme song was a big hit with us too. Classic!

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  1. Fab choices! I want to OWN that Christmas album - I can completely imagine the excitement and anticipation it must have caused every year.

    Lisa @

  2. Fabulous choices. How could I have missed Bazza Manilow from my list?!!! I'm a 70s child too, and Showaddywaddy was my guilty pleasure (although I was too young to feel guilty about it!)

  3. LOL Mama! We're obviously from the same 'vintage'. LOL I love em! xx

  4. Oh number five was played all the time by my Dad. Lots of Barry on the radio too. Such a great list!

  5. Isn't it amazing how music can bring back so much? Your Barbara S. story is so sad - it must be strange looking back on it now as a grown up and mother yourself. Fabulous post as always. x


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