Dallas is Back!

How many of you remember Dallas the first time around? I'm showing my age now by admitting that I certainly do. I was about eight years old when it was first aired on UK TV back in the late 70's and I'm pretty sure my Mum wouldn't have let me watch it at the time due to its adult content plus the fact that it was full to the brim of power, wealth, sex ... and glorious extravagance, so not really suitable viewing for an eight year old. However, as I grew so did Dallas and the Ewing family had no limits to what they would do in the pursuit of power, wealth and revenge.

Dallas was full to the brim of cheese, drama, big hair, shoulder pads, extra marital affairs, murder, alcoholism and dodgy dealings. Compulsive weekend viewing, Dallas became famous for its cliffhangers...especially the 'Who Shot JR' scenario.

I was thrilled when Warner Brothers sent me the original first two seasons of Dallas in the post. I actually nearly burst with excitement as I loaded my DVD player with the first disk. As I watched the Ewing family in full swing I was filled with memories of the past and when I would sit and gossip with my Mum about the latest goings on at Southfork, the Ewing family home.

And now it is back in all its glory with some of the original actors too. On UK TV screens from tomorrow night, I can not wait! Essential viewing for me.

If you fancy catching up on the old story lines then you can, by purchasing the complete season 1 & 2 (5 disc box set) from Amazon priced around £12.
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  1. I've never seen Dallas but I recently saw the adverts for the new series and was kinda intrigued..


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