Autumn Manifesto 2012

The lovely Jen over at Mum In The Madhouse has a very seasonal linky up and running that I feel compelled to join in with. Like Jen, I too always feel like Autumn represents a fresh start, just like New years day. This time of year I feel the need for an autumn clear out and to make plans for the winter period. I love it as the weather cools and I can cosy up to a roaring fire and dig out my winter coat and scarves. I love the changing colours of the season and the crispy fallen leaves.

1) This year I would like to decorate the front of the house with an Autumn wreath on the front door, so over the next week or too I will be collecting bits & bobs to make my own wreath.

2) Walk, walk and walk. I seriously need to lose some weight...OK, not just some, but a lot. So I'm planning on walking across our local farm fields at least 3 times a week.

3) More baking. I now have my lovely sister in law living nearby and she bakes beautifully. I feel inspired to bake more myself. I also want my home schooled 12yr old to learn to bake (although I must admit she is already a better baker than me!).

4) Buy a slow cooker and cook some yummy, warm winter meals.

5) Much more crochet than usual. I really want to make some cosy Christmas gifts for my loved ones, so my evenings will be spent crocheting more than I usually do.

6) Every Halloween we build a flashing pumpkin man and this year I want to create a really good one...or maybe even a husband and wife. Always brings a smile to the faces of passers by.

Pop over to Jens place and check out everyone Else's plans for the Autumn.

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  1. Slow cookers are the best bit about Autumn!! I couldn't be without mine :o) Have a casserole & dumplings bubbling away as I type! Also great for Chilli & pulled pork to name but a few!x


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