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The first thing that came to mind when I saw Tara's Movie theme this week was when we took the girls to see the premiere of Justin Biebers 'Never Say Never' in 3D at the 02. It was such a fun experience for the girls...and admittedly Papa and I had a good time too.

From the moment we arrived at the 02 the excitement of the girls was evident. In fact everywhere we looked there were hoards of screaming, crying girls with homemade banners patiently waiting for their idol to arrive, just to catch a glimpse as he introduced his movie. We even bumped into Lisa and Mario from Big Brother 9 and they were so lovely.

We had VIP red carpet tickets, or in Biebers case purple carpet. As the evening drew near and the queue began to form I thought the girls would struggle to contain themselves, especially as we were right at the front and knew we would get a good view of Bieber.

Then there he was, Bieber standing there right in front of us and the screams could probably have been heard across the whole of London.

We were ushered down the purple carpet along with Birds of feather star Linda Robson and street dancer Akai Osei who won got to dance 2009. The screaming fans must have been thinking 'who the hell are that family' but their camera's kept flashing and their hands were waving to us as we made our way along the carpet. The atmosphere was electric, like nothing I have ever experienced before. As we reached the end film crews were waiting to interview us and our eldest was pushed forward as two Sky cameramen fired questions at her.

 We watched the movie with front row seats and our popcorn. The girls loved the movie and we giggled all the way home on the tube about how funny it was to walk the red/purple carpet and have screaming fans either side of us...An experience we will never forget.

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  1. Looks they had an amazing time.


  2. Sounds like an amazing experience. Lovely pictures :)

  3. What a great time you had. Nice to have all those photo memories too x.

  4. Looks like a fab time was had by all :) Not a movie I intend to see- though if I'd been offered the VIP experience I might change my mind! xx

  5. Wow how amazing to experience something like that! Who enjoyed more you or your daughter?

  6. Wow Mama check you out being celebs for the night. Did you win a competition? How exciting!! I bet your girls loved every second of it xx

  7. Lovely pics of your glamorous girls!


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