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About four years ago I plugged my camera's memory card into my laptop and began uploading my photos that I had taken that day. I was very amused to discover that my then eight year old, had been playing with my camera. I guess she wanted some self portraits...

Of herself and her rather attractive dolly...

Once the serious snapshots were out of the way she decided to share some real emotion...
Surprise...maybe? Or too many E numbers?

My cooking isn't that bad... I swear!

The last one is confirmation of too many E numbers!
One hyper kid who thought she had one over on Mum...
She thought I would never know she had been playing with my camera.

Now age 12, my Daughter probably wont Thank me for sharing these photo's but they are just too funny to stay hidden away.

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  1. Ha ha that's hilarious and the faces she is pulling really had me giggling! She is not going to thank you for sharing them,, but I do as thy cheered me up! X

  2. Those are really funny photos! I have a set on the iPad of my son who did a similar thing and they are great to look back at!

  3. Awww she's lovely. Z takes pics of himself a lot but they're not very good. He usually captures the ceiling.

  4. What fun! With a bt of guidance from her Mother, there is a photographer in the making!

  5. HA HA! I love it when I find unexpected pictures on my camera. mainly of the floor and someone's toes.

    Herding Cats

  6. Such funny faces, but the doll scares me!

  7. LOVE it! Great expressions! (We have one of those scary dolls too, eeeeeeekk!) x

  8. Brilliant! She won't thank you for those. I am so glad digital cameras were not around when I was a kid!

  9. Hee, hee, my oldest daughter is 9 and I'm having to get her permission as to what is 'okay' to put on my 'ole blog these days :) These are great and thank your daughter for sharing as they made me smile :)


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