Guest Post - How to Make the Most of Storage in a Small Room

I live in a small house and I am constantly on the lookout for space saving ideas. Today's guest post is from Sarah
Whether you and your family are struggling to find space for all your possessions in a house where the room dimensions are not on your side, or you and your partner are crammed into a small apartment and are wondering how you ever accumulated so much stuff, let’s face it storage is a key issue.  And no matter how big the room seems, you always manage to run out of space. Fear not, as we have the answers to all your storage problems. Read on to find creative and cost effective ideas that will ensure a car boot sale is not your only option!

Our Shelving Savior
If you are struggling for floor space, move on up! Adding shelving to walls and existing features such as closets and alcoves means you can have a clear floor space and optimise unused space. They aren’t hard to put up, and you can have anything from the odd shelf dotted here and there to wall to wall shelving, depending on how much stuff you want to store. Shelves are great for books, CDs and DVDs, ornaments and pictures, toys and more!

Everything Has Its Purpose... Or Two
In a small room where space is sacred, furniture must often be limited. Why not opt for furniture that has more than one purpose, like this suede ottoman from LDUK that doubles as a storage box, so you can put your feet up and rest in the knowledge that you have somewhere to store some of your clean linens! 

Or a coffee table with storage baskets so you can sit down with a cuppa knowing your magazines and DVDs are neatly stashed away.

Hanging Around
Hanging things up is another great way to make use of wall space all over the house. The kitchen is a great place to hang up kitchen utensils and gadgets on the wall or from a ceiling rack if the ceiling is high enough, and in the bedroom why not create a pretty display out of jewellery by using wall hooks and pegs to hang up all your best items.

Box It Up
All that space on top of your wardrobe, kitchen cupboards, under your bed, etc. is all going to waste! It may be hard to reach or awkward to use, but with the aid of storage boxes and baskets you can optimise these spaces and make the most of even the smallest rooms. The boxes and baskets make the place look tidy while keeping everything dust free and organised, and make things easier to get down or out of usually awkward places.

Vacuum Pack and Stack
A popular storage solution in most households is stackable storage containers such as plastic storage boxes with wheels which fit perfectly under the bed and easily roll out. Stackable storage comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours so you can encourage kids to be tidy and organised without sacrificing space in their small bedroom. Another popular space saver is vacuum packing bags, like an EZ storage vacuum bag from LDUK. They are ideal for storing large bulky items that are squash-able like quilts, clothes, pillows and linens.
Got your own space saving tips and ideas? Share them with us!

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  1. Some great tips there, I make sure I have shelves everywhere I can. I think no matter what size your house, you can never have enough storage.

  2. hey. thanks for such valuable suggestions. they are indeed practical and handy. hope they inspire others too.

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  3. Nice little article , i have a these at home as well we use our ottomans to store my daughters toys in , they are brilliant


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