Monster Pets - A Doggy Review

Our Boxer Luna, was thrilled to have been asked by the super friendly folks over at Monster Pets to be a chief reviewer for them. It is the first time Luna has been asked and we were all really excited when a parcel turned up addressed to Luna.

Very curious to see whats inside, Luna sniffs around...

First thing is first...Luna spots a cuddly toy (The Good Boy Tuff Stuff Monkey Plush). Luna is get on a bit now but back in the day she loved to pinch the kids soft toys of their beds and rip them to shreds. Many times we would see one of the kids chasing Luna around the garden desperately trying to retrieve their half eaten teddy. Nowadays Luna is a bit more relaxed and prefers to cuddle rather than eat them.

Doggy chew treats are whole different ball game. They are usually demolished with 5 seconds flat. However, these yummy treats lasted ages and Luna thoroughly enjoyed them.

Next inside the box was a 'Good Boy Gripper'. This toy took a bit of coaxing and was ideally suited to taking it with us on walkies as Luna preferred it to be thrown as she chased after it. It is a strong, robust toy perfect for the larger dog, practically indestructible.

So what did you think Luna? Did you enjoy your box of treats?

"I've gotta be straight with you, being a family dog is no easy life. I'm always on the go and barely get five minutes to myself these days. I'm constantly on garden watch and have the task of patrolling Mama's garden all day long, especially keeping a close eye on those pesky hens that Mama & Papa so likes to keep. When I do get a moment to myself I like to indulge with the odd treat, so to receive a whole box full of them was like having Christmas on a sunny day. My favourite gift in the box was definitely those chews...they were scrummy! More please Mama!"

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All the treats we received are available from Monster Pet Supplies
The Good Boy Tuff Stuff Monkey Plush - £5.30
The Good Boy Gripper - £5.30
The Dog Treats Page

* We were sent this box of treats free of charge for the purpose of writing this review. We received no financial reward for giving you our open and honest opinion*

Monster Pets - A Doggy Review Monster Pets - A Doggy Review Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Monday, June 11, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. aww Luna looks like she enjoyed the box of goodies as much as Jackson did! :)

  2. Our cat, Kizzie also received a present through the post too, and it was quite exciting as well. In her case it was silvervine, like catnip, and I did a blog post about it.


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