Magpie Monday - Sew Retro

Look what I found at the charity shop this week....

Loads of retro 70's fabric for £2!
But wait...
There's more...

Original bark cloth curtains,
I reckon from the 50's judging by the design.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Me and My Shadow
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  1. I love that first one! It looks like it's in very good condition! Great Find!

  2. OOh what a bargain! I was very excited to find a market stall yesterday selling vintage dress patterns and fabric off very cheaply!

  3. Those curtains are amazing! jealous!

  4. Damn those are good retro fabrics - well found that woman!

  5. Oh how lovely! I can see them as deck chair slings and tablecloth/mats/napkins. You will be busy with the Singer!

  6. Oooh LOVE the curtains!

    I got some barkcloth curtains a few weeks back. Unpicked them and took the lining off as I wanted to make a skirt from them and it revealed the selvedge edge with the designer's name and pattern on, which I was able to look up. Maybe yours will too? x

  7. Deadly jealous of those fabrics! They really are a find. Lots of possibilities there for those.

  8. Interesting material. the first one reminds me of the wallpaper that is lurking at the back of my airing cupboard.

  9. Wow, what a find with the blue one!

    Aqeela xx

    (Ive just written my magpie mondays post too)

  10. Beautiful fabrics both! Show us what you end up doing with them :)


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