BlackBerry Curve 9320 Review

My sixteen year old Daughter and I were thrilled to be invited to review the new BlackBerry® Curve 9320 smartphone. My old BlackBerry was ancient, my kids described it as 'The Brick' and to be honest I was perfectly happy with it and didn't feel the need to upgrade to a newer model. However, my Daughter would upgrade every week if she could as she likes to have the latest model. We are both with Vodafone and were keen to stay with them. Swapping our sims into the new phone was simple to do.

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 comes equipped with everything you need like, a dedicated BBM™ key, global 3G connectivity, long-lasting battery life, built-in FM radio which allows you to tune into your favourite radio stations without having to use any of your data allowance, an integrated 3.2mp flash camera with video recording capabilities allowing you to capture and share your favourite moments and tag them to your current location, wherever you may be. Other features are BlackBerry® 7.1 OS, which supports features such as Mobile Hotspot and Wi-Fi® calling where available. You can indulge in a great selection of exciting apps available to download from BlackBerry App World, as well as all of the key social networking tools including BBM and the latest BBM-Connected apps such as Facebook® and Twitter®. 

Additionally, Parental Controls is a brand new, on-device feature that provides parents and guardians with simple options to help protect children by restricting access to specific functions, features and applications.

My initial thoughts as I unpacked my new phone was how slick it looked compared with my old one. I liked the lighter, more compact feel to it, only measuring 60 x 109 x 12.7mm, perfect for slipping inside my small handbag and pockets. I also noticed that the center keyboard toggle had been replaced with a trackpad that worked with ease and just one flick of the thumb. 

To be honest I had very little patience for text messaging before I became a BlackBerry owner but I like the fact that I can use a BlackBerry keyboard easily with one or two thumbs. I find that I can text and BBM much quicker than I could with any previous device I have had. The 9320 feels comfortable as it sits in my hand and it didn't take me weeks to get the hang of using it like new mobiles usually do with me.

As you can see in above, it takes lovely photo's too. Not on the same level and quality as my professional camera but good enough to capture the moment if I'm out and about and dont want to carry my bulky camera around with me.  The photo below of my eldest Daughter and I was taken with my old BlackBerry device, I'm sure you can see a very obvious difference in quality.

What Apps do we love?

- BBM - Our most used application. For those of you who dont know, BBM is an instant messaging service that allows you to send messages, photo's, video's, music and files to other BlackBerry users. It also enables group chats which means multiple devices can communicate with each other in a single session.
 - Facebook - Instant access to Facebook - allowing us to keep up to date with our Friends and favourite blogs and share photos, statuses, comments etc while on the move.
 - Twitter -Instant access to Twitter - Really easy to use application - We like this one a lot.

- Banking application - Love this app - allows banking on the move, is ultra convenient and over the past couple of weeks we used this a lot.
- Mobile TV - ROK - is a streamed Mobile TV service available to UK residents. Telly on the go!
- LittleBrother - This is a really good one. It basically informs your loved ones where you are. It automatically sends a notification when the device is leaving a certain area. Fantastic for keeping track of the kids because if your children are leaving an area in which they normally allowed to stay then you will be notified of their location. 
- Weather app - What can I say - we are geeks!

- ebay app - Love this one too. I've lost count of the amount of times that I've missed a bargain that I've been bidding on. No excuses with this app.

 Bottom Line - Would we recommend The BlackBerry Curve 9320?
Simple answer - Yes!
My Daughter only uses BlackBerry phones and insists that every upgrade just gets better and better. Big Big Big Yes from her!
And from my point of view, as a busy Mum on the move I really love the 9320 and I really can't recommend it enough.

The stylish new BlackBerry Curve 9320 is available from O2, Carphone Warehouse, T Mobile and Orange from free, price dependent on carrier.  The Curve 9320 is also available from O2 for £149.99 on Pay and Go; on Carphone Warehouse on pre-pay for £119.95 (upgrades) and £129.95 on new connections.  Visit  for more details.

*We were sent two BlackBerry Curve 9320 mobile devices free of charge for the purpose of this review. We have received no financial reward for publishing this review and as a family we always give an honest and genuine opinion.*
BlackBerry Curve 9320 Review BlackBerry Curve 9320 Review Reviewed by Emma@christmascupboard on Thursday, June 28, 2012 Rating: 5

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