Friday, 25 May 2012

Tots 100 Film Club - Cats & Dogs - The Revenge of Kitty Galore in 3D

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This months film review for Warner Bros & Tots100 Film club was Cats & Dogs - The Revenge Of Kitty Galore - 3D. A couple of months ago our six year old Granddaughter had asked if we could buy this movie in 3D for her to watch next time she comes to stay with us, so we were thrilled to be reviewing it this month.

First thing we loved about it before we even had chance to watch the film was the fantastic Blue ray case, as it pops right out at you (Papa tells me the correct name for this type of 3D case is a lenticular sleeve - He is such a 3D geek).

Cats & Dogs films really fascinate me and always leave me thinking " How on earth do they get these animals to act so good?" I know, I'm not completely daft in that I do realise cats & dogs don't actually talk but the movie is so well made that you start to believe they can.

The age old battle between Cats & Dogs comes to an abrupt end, as the former enemies are compelled to join forces and defeat ex agent kitty Galore, who is on a mission to take over the World. This movie is just as funny as the first one... full of silliness, cheeky humour and death defying action stunts. Another Thumbs up from The Syders, the film made us all chuckle (a lot), the soundtrack is good and the 3D effects are brilliant.

*Huge Thanks to Warner Brothers & the Tots100 Film Club for supplying this movie for the purpose of this review*

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  1. I was pleased to find your blog, as it is not that often I find another English blogger. Your blog was recommended to me by "Cupcake Momma" on a blog event I'm doing at the moment. I like that photo of your caravan and am off to have a look at the post about it now.



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