Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Garden - Before and After

We have lived in our little house for three years now and when we moved in the property was pretty bland. We have worked really hard to create a warm cosy home and on a budget.

Before in 2008

The garden was really plain & boring and now it is starting to come to life.

After in 2012

I love the garden and to be honest I spend more time on my garden than I do my house.
There is a spot for everyone. The summer house is our office/teenagers hub.

An old retro caravan awning acts as a shelter and shade from our good ole British weather. I was after a large gazebo and my thrifty nature didn't want to fork out huge amounts of cash so I decided to use Bertha's (my retro caravan) awning. I sit here when the sun is beaming and its a dry place for me to pot up my plants when its raining.

Two decked areas provide seating for our BBQ guests and for the family to sit and eat.

My gorgeous Senetti is in full bloom.

My veggies are poking their heads through the soil. In my raised beds I have onions, carrots, swede, parsnips and garlic. In the bags I have spuds growing.

Carrots & onions are grown in alternate rows.

We have a fire pit where we will be putting up a cooking tripod for our dutch oven full of warm food. We will sit and toast marshmallows (when the rain stops) for some campfire fun.

My woodland garden that we began creating last Autumn is coming along beautifully and the kids love to play down there on the tyre swing and in the tree house. 

Hopefully by this time next year this area will be fully enclosed as the plants grow and become more established.

So there you have it...my garden after 3 years of hard work. Can't wait to see how it develops over the next few years.


  1. Its looking great Emma, well done, I'll be watching progress too. I've just posted pics of my new garden on my blog, dont think I'll be doing quite such a major transformation as you, but I certainly intend to have raised beds and grow stuff. I've just bought some seeds and will grow in pots this year while we design a plan for next year. www.joyknitt.blogspot.com

  2. I love it. Our garden is a work in progress. 4 years agao it was just a patch of mud (new build)!

  3. Can I move in with you please? I already love just about every nook and cranny of your house and now I'm in love with the garden too! Living in rnted houses is starting to suck, it's impossible to put any life or personal touches on the rooms, other than with furniture, but there's still only so much you can do to make a series of white boxes look like home.

  4. Your garden looks great! I love the tire swing, bench by the fire and the chickens of course!

  5. It's completely gorgeous, Mama! The Sinetti are absolutely wonderful, and I'd love to hang out in the Syder apple!

  6. How sweet Mama! I reckon you could get Charlie's job! (Is that show still on over there?) xx

  7. Wow! Your garden is sooo lovely! I like my garden but it's VERY boring compared to what you have created! Well done Syders! :)

  8. What a beautiful , beautiful garden.

  9. It looks fantastic! All your hard work is definitely paying off! :)

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  11. Wow your garden is beautiful! It looks so inviting, I really want to come to a BBQ at yours now! :) Found your blog from Cherry Menloves and love it so far :D I'm currently trying to get my garden something like, but it is a very long, slow process!

  12. Blooming Lovely. No idea what a Senetti is but, it's just become my new favourite plant.

    P.S - Love the boxer.




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