Monday, 28 May 2012

Magpie Monday - Get Busy With The Fizzy

As I walked past my local charity shop a few days ago I spotted this...

To say I nearly tripped over myself to get to it would be a complete understatement. The box was sellotaped up and my heart was thumping as I gently picked the tape off. I was praying it really was a retro sodastream inside. I wasn't disappointed. The box contained a sodastream from back in the day when I was a child of the 70's. The lovely shop assistant turned to me and said "Take it off my hands for 50p as the bottles are missing and I have no idea if you can get the gas re-filled!"

I wasn't sure either but some lovely friends on Facebook pointed me in the right direction for bottles on ebay and a shop that tops the gas up. Result!

The back of the box is just as groovy as the front, with instructions of how to use your new sodastream.
If you were a kid in school during the 70's who had one then you were the envy of all your classmates. We didn't have one as Mum would buy fizzy drink for Dad from the lemonade man who travelled round the streets selling glass bottles of every flavour you could think of.

The original price sticker is still on the box. A whopping £17.95! That was a lot of money back then.

Papa Syder fondly remembers his Aunt having one and every time they visited her they were allowed one drink each and no more because the gas was expensive. He remembers looking at it as it took pride of place on her worktop and he yearned to play with this new high tech kitchen gadget.

As I began taking photo's for Magpie Monday I suddenly realised that I recognised the male model on the box.  He is an old family friend and was a model for lots of stuff back in the day, in fact his wife was one of my Mums best friends. What a find!


  1. We had one..... does that make me posh!!! I loved it, the coke was rubbish but it was so much fun :) I remember being told off for using too much gas. What a lucky find :) x

  2. Wooooooow!!

    I desperately wanted one as a kid, but we were one of the families who had to make do with Rola Cola :0(

    I have a modern one now, but sadly they don't come with those beautiful textured glass bottles like the old days.

    Muchly jealous! x

  3. Love it! We had a slightly later model - different looking machine, but still had the glass bottles. So many memories.

  4. I remember having one exactly like this as we were growing up with the handle on the side, and feeling sophisticated as we could use a straw to drink out of those bottles. Happy days!

  5. What a find! Looks just like one my Aunty Margaret used to have.

  6. Wow! Always wanted one of these but alas it was never to be. Enjoy getting busy with the fizzy! x

  7. That's amazing, Emma...fancy knowing the model!!!
    We were never allowed a soda stream.......very posh they were!!

  8. Oh maaaan, who HASN'T got an epic childhood memory attached to a sodastream?

    They were the bees knees weren't they? Always so jealous of my friends who had one.

    We'd whine to go over to my Grans so we could get some of her sodastream fizzy pop!


  9. That is awesome! I've never seen one in my life but it looks so fun and so very 70's! What a refreshing find perfect for these hot days we've been having! x

  10. I was soooo jealous of my friend Felicity's back in the 80s! Strangely my parents didn't want me hyperactive on radioactive green 'gremlin' drink. Can't imagine why! Brilliant find x

  11. Oh WOW! We used to have this exact soda stream - I think it was a wedding present from when my parents got married.
    Lucky you!

  12. Ahh how fab! Randomly I saw some glass bottles last week at the CB but no machine! The retro ones are by far the best! We used to have a brown and white one and we'd fight over who could use it first! x

  13. (forgot to pop back Monday as promised :)) what a fantastic buy,talk about being in the right place at the right time,well done on such a great buy,if it's nice in the morning i'm of to a bootsale to find something hopefully a bargain....



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