Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Diamond Jubilee - Our Plans

I remember the Queens Silver Jubilee like it was yesterday. It was 1977 and I was 7. My Nan made me a red, white & blue dress out of crepe paper for a big street party we attended with our cousins. I loved that dress so much.

I enjoyed the Golden jubilee in 2002 just as much. A big group of us jumped on the tube into London to watch the Queen in her golden carriage. It was a fabulous day as we sipped champagne at Trafalgar square and joined in with a fantastic carnival.

I'm so excited for the Diamond Jubilee. It will be our Granddaughters first one and she is the same sort of age as I was for my first jubilee. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did back in 1977.

The jubilee weekend is also my middle sons (bottom row, 1st on the left in the red T-shirt) 21st birthday so it will be a double celebration for The Syders. I have been planning the weekend for months. We have family coming to stay and lots of guests.

We will be having a BBQ with karaoke and we have built a homemade campfire tripod for the evening. 

Papa's speciality is shredded pork cooked in cider with apple sauce & stuffing in fresh rolls. He will be cooking that over the campfire come nightfall and the kids can toast marshmallows.

I picked up some fab Victoria sponge cake toppers

I made some Union Jack bunting a couple of years ago but here is the tutorial if you fancy giving it a go.

We made some tea light holders from old jam jars and hung them in a tree in the garden

My youngest painted one of them...and a grand job she did too

So that's my Jubilee round up. 
Before I go let me just leave you with a photo of The Queen that I took when she visted Essex back in 2011. I was so thrilled to have managed to get such a good shot and she looked lovely.

Do you plan on celebrating the Jubilee too?

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  1. Love reading your "memories" sooo much! I can relate to ALL of it and would certainly love to be one of your guests come this weekend!! x x x

  2. Unfortunately Mama, I'm not a royalist. I'm not fussed either way, even though I live in a Commonwealth country. But I must admit, if I was living there in the UK I would find it hard not to get wrapped up in all the excitement (like we did with Will and Kate's wedding). I hope you have a lovely time and did you save the crepe paper dress for your granddaughter or are you going to make her one? xx

  3. I am really looking forward to a long weekend with my family.

  4. I remember the silver jubilee too. I like the dress you were wearing. We decorated our bungalow with bunting and lots of homemade decorations. There was no street party where I lived but we still enjoyed the occasion. This time, we may have a BBQ in the back garden, the bunting is out already, hope the weather holds!

  5. Hey Mama! I was 12 for the silver jubilee, and remember it really clearly. I spent weeks making scrapbooks and saving everything remotely connected - I think my mummy still has it all in her garage! Your celebrations sound antastic! Many Happy returns to your Son on his very special birthday, and I hope you all have a fantastic time.
    Thanks for the tutorial on the bunting - will definitely give it a go. I shall do some patriotically coloured baking too. Gx

  6. Strangely enough I vaguely remember the silver jubilee and I was only 3 years old! Such great memories you've shared and your plans sound amazing.

    We aren't doing much but there's celebrations at the hotel a short walk from our house so we are going there.

    I hope you have a wonderful time.


  7. I wanna come to your party.... it sounds fab!!! I love your 1977 dress :) I'm not working so plan to stay at home & watch it on the TV x

  8. Weather forecast is bad on Sunday here so we will be watching it on the telly! Going to a Jubilee party this afternoon though which will be nice. It has amazed me how many German people have commented about it. They have a lot of respect for the Queen it seems. I just think they want to come to the party - there will be scones!! :) Have fun!!

  9. I love that crepe paper dress and those cake toppers are awesome!
    Unusually, for such an active village, we have no street party plans, but friends are coming to stay, so I am sure we'll be watching and drinking!

  10. Ah That all sounds wonderful! I was 3 for the silver Jubilee & my Mum dressed me up as a red, white & blue Little Miss Muffet, complete with cotton reel spider! I don't remember it, but I have seen the photo's! Sadly we're not really celebrating as much as I'd like to. Since losing Mum the anchor of the family has gone, that and a 200 mile distance between us means I'm not seeing any of my family & they're not getting together either. Everyone is doing their own thing & sadly most have chosen to spend it with friends, not family. My 'new' family are not at all interested in celebrating & were shocked to see bunting & a commemorative flag decorating out house yesterday when they came. I was so happy when my OH said to his Mum that it was good to get into the spirit of things, but she wasn't impressed. So Looks like it's just me in our house that shows an interest. I'll catch as much as I can on TV. I hope you & yours have a truly wonderful celebratory weekend xxx

  11. What a truly awesome Jubilee post and I love that dress too x



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