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Tots 100 Film Club Review: Happy Feet Two in 3D

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This months Tots100 Film club review was Happy Feet Two in 3D. We have had a 3D TV for about a year now and have watched quite a few 3D movies on it. It was Papa's 40th birthday pressie, I asked him if he could pick anything at all for his 40th what would it be. He didn't even have to think about it as he quickly blurted out "A 3D TV!" As a family we always enjoy the 3D animated movies the best and I must say we were not disappointed with Happy Feet Two.

From the minute the film started we were rolling around laughing. My 20 year old Son was in the same room as us, sitting on his laptop. He grumbled as we put the movie on and said "Not sure I really can be bothered to watch this Mum". But the minute he heard our hysterics he said "Go on then Dad, pass me some glasses". He spent the remainder of the film glued to his seat, in fact we all did.

The story follows Mumble (from Happy Feet) and his really cute penguin son called Eric. One day, feeling gloomy and a little different from everyone else because he can't tap dance like the others, Eric wanders off with his Friends, away from his Mum. A frantic search begins as Mumble rushes off to search for him. While they are gone there is a glacier catastrophe back home and all their friends & family become trapped. It is left to Eric and his dad to rescue them.

This film is 'Glee' Penguin style! The soundtrack is superb - A real toe tapper. And you know a movie is a winner if it makes the whole family laugh, and I mean real belly laughs, in union. The Syders give this movie a massive thumbs up and would go as far as saying it gets a 10 out of 10! The 3D effects are top class and if you watch it in 3D keep watching until the credits at the end and the bubbles float right out of the screen urging you to pop them.

*Huge Thanks to Warner Brothers & the Tots100 Film Club for supplying this movie for the purpose of this review*

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