Thursday, 26 April 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

I've had a wonderful past few weeks. Easter was fab, as my Sister in Law spent a fortnight with us. It was so great to catch up as I haven't actually seen her for eleven years up until now and our friendship was renewed. Missing her now though :-(
But not to worry she will be back for The Queens jubilee & My Sons 21st birthday in June, Yay!

So going back to this past week, my reasons for being cheerful are:

1) Free Wine! Yes, you read that right. We changed our service providers and they rewarded me with eight bottles of wine & four crystal glasses. They are being put away for my Sons birthday...Well, I will try, I swear ;-).

2) I began seeding my vegetables last week. Its such an exciting time of year as I anticipate how well my veg will do and what kind of crop I'll end up with.

3) We have blossom on my young apple tree! I'm so chuffed about this because the year before last the tree caught some kind of blight and I thought it was dead. I was devastated as we had been getting some lovely juicy red apples from it. We cut the diseased trunk off and just hoped for the best. Last year we got no blossom & no fruit so I decided to see how it went this year and if we got no blossom I was going to remove the tree. So signs of blossom has made me so very happy, hopefully get some apples this year.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Sounds like a great few weeks (: PS. I am planting my growbags with spuds at the weekend!!

  2. What great reasons to be cheerful, wish we had a garden. It has inspired me to get planting in pots!

  3. Lovely reasons to be cheerful. I'm glad you were able to catch up with your sister-in-law. Wonderful news about your apple tree, I'm glad you didn't have to cut it down. Wish we had our own garden and were able to grow our own veggies!

  4. Great reasons to be cheerful! x

  5. Ohh long time no see, veg planting is a superb #R2BC.

    Mich x



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