Saturday, 21 April 2012

Moon Sand Pet Shop Review

Moon Sand Pet Shop enables your kids to create adorable pets made from sand. We were really thrilled to be picked by to review this as moon sand is something I've never bought before. The kids were really excited to try this toy out and all eagerly sat around the table waiting for the box to be opened.

The kit is really aimed at ages 3 - 7 yrs, although it wasn't just my 6 yr old Granddaughter who enjoyed playing with it, my 12 yr old Daughter & 11 yr old Niece also thoroughly enjoyed it too.

The kit includes Pet Shop, 13 moulds, 2-in1 tool & 2 colours of Moon Sand. However contents do vary. 

The kids really liked this toy and what I liked about it was the sand really doesn't dry out, just as promised on the box and it was something all three girls loved even with the age gaps.

Any Downsides? Not for the kids but for Mum or Dad it can be a bit messy, although easily cleans up.

NEW Moon Sand Pet Shop
£14.99 SRP
Available from: Argos, Tesco, The Entertainer, Smyths, ELC & Sainsbury’s

 *This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. As a family we always give an honest and unbiased opinion.*


  1. Creative minds doing a creative job !!

  2. Your children have been very good at keeping the colours separate - our moon sand is all mixed up into a sort of purple-brown colour!! Just like the pay-doh come to think of it...
    I agree kids love it; it is quite messy but nothing the vacuum cleaner can't cope with.



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