Monday, 30 April 2012

Magpie Monday - The Retro Blues

It feels like ages since I last joined in with Lizzie's Magpie Monday. I have been Charity shopping this week and managed to pick up some little beauties.

First up is a lovely retro tea set that I fell in love with. Everything about it really appeals to me... the pattern, the colour and its daintiness. I paid £3 for it.

Then I found some more retro loveliness, a red, white & blue cotton tablecloth. I think it will be perfect for our Diamond Jubilee BBQ in June. It cost me £1.50.

Turquoise is one of my favourite colours so my eye was instantly drawn to this pretty scarf. I will tie my hair up with it over the summer. It was only 50p.

Then last but not least I found a pile of straw hats and this one is perfect for keeping me cool while I'm gardening on sunny days. It was £2.50, a bargain!

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  1. Wow these are all gorgeous! Although am especially ogling your tea set- for three squid that is a total bargain!

  2. How perfect will that table cloth be, I love it. I also love the retro tea set...gorgeous!

  3. Jubilee BBQ sounds cool!

    I can just imagine you pottering about the garden in your sun hat. :0)

  4. Oh Mama, what lovely things! I'm very fond of blue, and these are all so pretty!!

  5. I love them all! Gorgeous blue, was nice to see it again today in the sky, even though I'm sure it was just a brief appearance. I'm better than most bloggers at resisting china, but that set is really pretty - rings a bell too, I'm wondering where I've seen it before.

  6. Nice cups! I actually (looks around to make sure noone listening) took an item out of a skip a few weeks ago, much to my boys' horror!! It is the most awesome shabby chic apothecary cabinet, with little drawers in which I now store all our medicine! P.S. I did knock the door first!

  7. The hat is fab and I love the tea set! Lovely! x

  8. Wonderful things! I can completely understand why you feil in love with the tea set - gorgeous pattern and colour.



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