Monday, 9 April 2012

A Guide To Brighton Pier On A Budget

Its the School Easter holidays and we decided to spend our Easter day trip at Brighton Pier. As usual we like to do these things on a budget as amusement parks can end up costing an arm and a leg. We have a family rail card and we use this a lot throughout the year although sometimes you can get train fares just as cheap without a railcard by getting 'groupsave' tickets. With groupsave 2 people pay and 4 can travel anywhere off peak to hundreds of destinations in London and the South East area. And if you take kids with you up to 4 can travel for £1 each single or return.

So we arrived at Brighton at about 11am and as it was Good Friday and the sun was beaming I was expecting it to be chocka block full of day trippers, however it didn't seem to busy at all. And the queues for the rides were non existent until about 2pm so the kids had plenty of rides before the crowds arrived.

To get your moneys worth you really need to buy all day wrist bands. These are usually £25 per person but if you print off a 2 for 1 voucher (link here) and show your train tickets at the kiosk on the pier you will receive 2 wrist bands for £25 instead of just one.

There is a huge selection of rides on the pier to suit all ages. Our group ranged in ages from 6 to 40 and everyone was catered for. What I liked most about it was that there are quite a few rides that the kids were allowed on that the adults really enjoyed too ie: the water log ride.

The real thrill seekers among us really enjoyed the more adult/older child rides (make sure you don't have lunch first!)

And while the bigger kids were hanging upside down the younger ones had plenty to entertain themselves.

The cheapest way to enjoy a good lunch is of course to take a picnic, however if travelling by train carrying around food & drinks all day can feel pretty inconvenient. There are plenty of places to get food on the pier and there is a lot of choice from, Tai, Chinese, Indian to the more traditional British seaside dish of 'fish & chips'. 

We didn't get our lunch on the pier though as we wanted to sit on the pebble beach and enjoy the sea views while we ate so we popped into Harry Ramsdens Chip Shop that is across the road from the pier entrance. We purchased two family combo's that were absolutely huge and really we could have been very satisfied with just one combo for both families. In each combo we had 4 sausage in batter, 8 chicken nuggets, 10 cod in batter strips, a massive box of chips and any two side orders we had mushy peas and a curry sauce). Each combo was only a tenner.

After lunch we went back to the pier for more rides. This was when we realised it had got much busier, although the kids still enjoyed a good couple of hours of more thrills. The busier the pier got the more fun the atmosphere became. The music got louder, people were having their portrait painted, their fortunes told and the laughs got sillier.

We ended the day with candy floss, honey comb and a tired stroll back to the train station. We had a wonderful day out with my Sister in law and her kids.

Will we be back?
Hell yeah!

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  1. I've never been to Brighton :( You have to have fish & chips when you go to the seaside!! x



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