Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Gallery - At Peace

I love to be beside water. It calms me. It relaxes me. I feel at Peace.

I love to be close to nature. It reminds me that the small things in life give us so much pleasure. When I watch my Grandchild enjoy the small things I feel at Peace.

Watching the kids enjoy their natural surroundings makes me smile and when I see them enjoying nature I feel at Peace.

When I Watch the kids enjoying animals  I feel at Peace.

Watching a child laugh brings me peace.

These things bring me peace.

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  1. I agree, children bring warmth into our hearts and give us the reason to go on.
    Love the last shot of laughter x

  2. Oh I so agree with you on many of those things! my children bring me a big sense of peace and contentment, something I never knew about before I became a parent. A lovely post Mama xx

  3. Lovely photo's :-)

  4. Lovely photos. I really like the first one - the water is sooo blue and still. Where is it?



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