Monday, 19 March 2012

What Was Top Of The Charts The Year Your Kids Were Born

I've been tagged by the very lovely Ladies Elizabeth & Donna over at Mummy Central with this really fab meme. I love that music can take us right back to a certain place or time in our lives. Certain tunes remind me of my childhood, my school days, my wild teenage years, when I met Papa, when I married him or sadder times like when I lost my Mum.

This meme invited me to delve into the past and for me it meant revisiting the happiest times in my life. The number one songs in the music charts from the years my kids were born.

1990 - Madonna - Vogue

1991 - Cher - The Shoop Shoop Song

1995 - Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone 

2000 - Britney Spears - Born To Make You Happy 

Can you remember what was number one in the charts as you gave birth? 


  1. Hi,
    When each of my children have been born I have bought that days paper and the Number One Single from that week. I made them each a Birth Chart with their birth details and Zodiac Sign etc and also included the reigning Queen, Prime Minister, Number One Single and that days headline etc. I forgot to buy a paper when my last child was born though! :-(

    I've also bought the vinyl of Number 1 songs when friends and family have been born for Significant birthday presents.

    love Claire xxx

  2. Great post and I shall post on monday 26th March on my first born's birthday!

  3. You got the coolest songs (and maybe the coolest kids?)
    Born to make you happy is such a good omen for a child's birth.
    Thanks for joining in x

  4. thanks for tagging me I always wanted to keep a better track of the important things that happened on the year my children were born but then for whatever reason never did fill out much of their baby books... so this will give me a reason to put it up on my blog for them to look back at one day :) x

  5. Thank you again for the tag. I'm not sure I'll have time to join in at the moment but maybe it's something I can do after the new baby arrives so I'll have something recent on my blog :) and a memory of both my children's birthdays too :)

    Some great tunes there. Love looking back at tracks that get the memory working x



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