Friday, 9 March 2012

Flashback Friday - Toys from our Past

I was a child from the 1970's so we didn't have all the stuff kids have nowadays. We had games consoles but they were a basic 'ping pong' tennis game, the Internet was unheard of and if someone had suggested it to us it would have sounded like a scene from 'Space 1999' or 'Buck Rogers'.

We made our own entertainment back then with a few toys chucked in. My favourite was my 'Sindy' doll. I preferred her to Barbie, in fact I think Sindy was actually more popular during the 1970's. I would play with my Sindy collection for hours and my Brothers Action Man was her boyfriend, of course my Brother never knew this...he would not have been at all impressed. 

(Me, my Sindy and two of my Brothers)

As well as Sindy dolls I had a huge collection of baby dolls too. My favourite was Tiny Tears who actually cried when you fed her water. I had a bit of a sick sense of humour so if I filled my baby's bottle with blackcurrant she would cry red tears which would stain her face and Mum would freak out. I had my dolls right up until I started secondary school and then I reluctantly gave them to my cousin, but not because I wanted to stop playing with them it was because Mum said I was a bit old for dolls, plus I was worried about anyone finding out at 'Big school'.

(Me and my Tiny Tears) 

My Mum was a firm believer in 'Kids being kids' and she would let us play out in the garden and totally wreck it with Mud pies, filling up lemonade bottles with Mums rose petals, riding our bikes on her grass, making dirt tracks with toy cars all over her flower beds. 

(Me and my eldest Brother - Check out the old lemonade bottles, we had a lemonade Man back then who delivered our pop)

Mum never worried that we would finish the day looking like we had never seen a bath before. Mum encouraged us to be adventurous with our imaginations. And besides, we scrubbed up pretty well...

 although check out my Brothers muddy knees!

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  1. Great photos, I rememeber those old lemonade bottles, I think our milkman used to deliver them with our milk!

  2. Brilliant post and photos - I had a tiny tears, they were great, I did laugh at the thought of your Mum freaking out about the red tears. I imagine she probably did about your brothers mud stained knees in his smart outfit too!

    Thanks for linking up

  3. fab post, i always wanted a tiny tears but never got 1 :)

  4. Well Mama. You just wrote about my childhood, word for word, except we didn't have any snow or cold weather like you guys. You know how I had a Sindy doll? I bet you also liked paper dolls? I did. We used to watch "Lost in Space" ("danger, danger Will Robinson") and "Land of the Giants". We used to play a game based on Land of the Giants where we'd think we were being chased by large neighbourhood dogs and toads and people. We always played cricket, tennis and rugby league out on the street and footpaths. We also had soft drink delivered. Ahh, those were the days. My kids go play outside and make up whacky games. There's no DS, Nintendo, Xbox or Wii in our house. Great memories Mama. (You know I think of you every time I go to the op shops. I'm always on the look out for coffee cups for you.) Anne xx

  5. Oh, and we had long dresses, hot pants, shirred sun dresses and really daggy pants suits. LOL

    Anne xx

  6. LOVE this post and flashback to your youth. I remember making homemade perfume with water and rose petals and finding corona bottles to return to the local shop for the pennies you would be refunded. i always had sindy dolls too. i did actually ask for Barbie more than once but my nan still got me Sindy dolls!

  7. I love your photo's.... takes me back to my childhood! I too had Sindy & Tiny Tears, I loved my Sindy but never really got in to dolls. I used to dress up my cat Jason & put him in the pram! xx

  8. I'm a child of the 70s too and loved my Sindy. She was so much more wholesome than Barbie - who was a bit of a slut!
    Don't you think, when we tell our young kids now about this, they're gonna think we lived in the dark ages?!!
    What no email? No mobile phones? No Nintendo Wii?
    My son keeps asking me how old I am. When I answer that I'm 38, he always says the same thing:
    "38, 39... 100"

  9. Love, love, love! I remember the Pop man!!! Alpine, if I recall. Dandelion & Burdock. Bit of a similar old Post about old toys here, thought you might enjoy!



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