Friday, 2 March 2012

Flashback Friday - Memories of Home (1996)

Last week I put some old camera films in to get developed. They were my Mums and have been at the bottom of a box of photo's since she passed away. I can't ever remember Mum having a camera so I was thrilled when the photo's came back and I realised that they were all taken during 1996 at our family home. I have many many fond memories of this house, area and all the local kids.

My Mum was a self builder and she built this house after divorcing our Dad back in 1982. Being a large family of Mormons, living next to the entrance to the park and building the house ourselves made us stick out a bit but I didn't care, I love where I grew up. Because Mum wasn't much of a photographer we have very few photo's of the house so these photo's mean the world to me as they bring back lots of happy memories.

Me and My Sister in Law celebrating my Daughters 1st birthday and my Nephews 2nd birthday (Their birthdays are a day apart). They are now in Canada as they emigrated last summer.

Me, some of my Brothers and Papa. We had a big eight seater dining table and we always ate together as a family. The table was one Mum had for years and if it could speak would be full of memories. We weren't really a family for watching much TV, instead we would gather a lot around this table chatting, eating and watching Mum cook. It has seen happiness, laughter, sadness and tears. The bringing home of new babies, making arrangements for marriages, school projects, birthday parties, arguments, divorce, grief and heartaches...and of course many Christmases.

With Nan and Grandad who are sadly no longer with us. They spent every Christmas with us up until we lost Grandad.

So lots of memories of home for me this week and reminders of one of my dodgy perms...yikes!

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  1. How wonderful to find some forgotten flashbacks!! I enjoyed reminiscing with you x

  2. What luck Mama to find old film and see those photos. Just lovely.

    Anne xx

  3. How lovely to suddenly find great photos like that. I really enjoyed your flashback, thank you for linking up.

  4. I love fnding old films and seeing what treasures they hold, lovely photos so glad you have them your home looks lovely :) x

  5. how wonderful to have found that camera and its contents!! i kind of miss the days when we used to get our films developed and wait to the to come back and try to remember what photos we had captured.
    such a brilliant flashback and despite the perm, i can so clearly recognise you x

  6. How amazing was your mum??! She must be quite a lady. Loving the perm too :-)

  7. How fantastic to get them developed successfully! Lots of lovely memories there! Emma :)



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