Monday, 12 March 2012

Disney On Ice Review

Disney on Ice is returning this month with their latest show 'Princesses & Heroes'. The production stunningly recreates everyone’s favourite moments from the classic Disney films, combing them with spectacular ice skating stunts and breathtaking acrobatics. It will be touring across the country, visiting London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Sheffield. 

We were very lucky to be asked if we would like some tickets to review the new Disney on Ice at Wembley over the weekend. To say I jumped at the chance is an understatement as Disney on Ice is something I have often said I'd love to go and see.

We arrived at Wembley full of anticipation. Our Six year old Granddaughter could barely contain herself and the previous night even wore her Tinkerbell PJ's in preparation for her big day full of Disney.

Crowds of families were gathering outside the arena. The weather being sunny and mild meant most were eating prepared picnics. The pretty waterfalls were spraying as hundreds of little girls dressed up in their prettiest princess costumes were dancing around eagerly waiting for the show to begin. I left Papa with the girls to grab a quick snack while I went and collected our tickets from the box office.

First thing we did as we took our seats was gasp in awe at the stage set up. It was so pretty and we just couldn't wait for the show to begin. Tinkerbell opened the show and introduced each scene to be honest she was the character I was most looking forward to seeing and she didn't disappoint, she was really lovely.

The costumes, the skating and the music was just awesome. Our Granddaughter sat speechless all the way through, clapping, cheering and waving her Mickey wand. The show is very family friendly and was full of really small children all enjoying the show. There was even a lady sat in front of me with a baby in a sling. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for little ones without the worry of feeling any embarrassment if you end up with a tantrum on your hands or needing a dash to the loo.

The friendly staff were dotted about everywhere, they were easy to spot and were more than eager to help with anything you might need. We were very impressed with the customer service.

Bottom Line - What did we think?
The show really did deliver everything it promised. We were not disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed it. We took a 16 yr old, 12 yr old and 6 yr old and they all loved it. We asked our 6 yr old Granddaughter what her favourite bit was and she said " I haven't got a favourite bit...I liked it all." I was quite surprised by this as she is usually pretty outspoken and is not afraid to speak her mind, so judging by her response I can safely say she really did enjoy the whole show.

Any Downsides?
It can be quite expensive inside the venue for drinks, popcorn etc but no more expensive than you expect at these types of events. We did treat our Granddaughter to a light up wand and Disney cup but we took our own sweets & drinks.

Would we recommend this show?
A definite yes! Kids never forget events like this and the memories they create are worth every penny.

For more information and tickets please visit or (0844 847 2255/

After the show there were scenes just like this up and down the London Underground - Many tired, sleepy Princesses and little Heroes!

*We were provided with five tickets to Disney on Ice - Princesses & Heroes 2012 for the purpose of this review. I have received no financial reward for writing this article and as a Family we always give an honest and unbiased opinion.*

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