Thursday, 15 March 2012

Blogger Wedding Album

I met him in 1987. I was seventeen, he was sixteen. It was love at first sight. We married in 1989. Yes, we had a proper 80's wedding.

Eleven weeks before our 'Big day' I discovered I was pregnant with our first child. I was a bit nervous about telling my Mum as I was only nineteen and Mum was a Mormon, so having a child out of wedlock was a bit frowned upon. I was worried my news would embarrassed her.

I needn't have worried though because as I nervously sat her down and broke the news a huge smile spread across her face. 
Her response? "Well, there is only one thing left to do...get married!"
Our jaw's dropped, we looked at each other, smiled and said "Shall we? Yeah, we might as well!" A typical teenage answer.

Mum jumped up out of her seat "Right, we need to get you two married before you start showing and its got to be a proper white wedding in a church...Ohhhhh and I've just thought, whats the Bishop of my church going to say????"

Papa and I burst out laughing as Mum ran out the door in a flap leaving us a 'to do' list as long as our arms.

Mum organised everything, all I did was pick the colours (which was cerise - very modern for an 80's wedding) and I insisted on top hat & tails. I got my white wedding all Thanks to my lovely Mum.

Just before Mum passed away we reminisced about my wedding and I said "Blimey Mum, you did push me down that aisle a bit quick didn't you...A real shotgun wedding!" She laughed and said "At first I wasn't sure about Papa being right for you but I quickly realised that he was actually so perfect for you and he fitted in so well with our family"

Mum adored Papa and treated him like one of her own Son's. On her deathbed she told him "I've always thought of you as one of my own Boys."

I know Mum would be happy knowing we have worked through our marriage problems and that we will be happily celebrating our 23rd wedding Anniversary later this year.

So Thanks Mum, Thanks for pushing us down that aisle!

This post is for Tara's Bloggers Wedding Album. I can't wait to see all the other entries.


  1. Awwww Mama! How's that dress? Just gorgeous.

    Anne xx

  2. What a lovely post & a fantastic 80's dress :) x

  3. That's a great story, and an awesome example of 80s meringue Fashion. Brilliant!



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